Internship Report Format

Internship (Industrial Training) Report:

An internship report is an organization study, a case study or a survey of an organization. The students are expected to make factual observation about functioning of an organization. The study is organization specific done by a student. The students are expected to study the whole organization or a wing of the organization (if the organization is of giant size). It is compulsory for the students to take up assignments or tasks (Project) given by the organization during their study period.

Objective: To apprise students of the functioning of an organization.

Submission of the Internship Report

The internship report (Final- 3 hard bound copy and a soft copy) should be submitted

Time Frame : 6 weeks

Presentation and Viva

The internship (industrial training) report will be evaluated by a team consisting of faculty members from the institute and the University department. The break up of marks is:

a. Industrial Training report Evaluation 25 Marks

b. Viva Voce 25 Marks

Total 50 Marks

Internship Report Format

Purpose: To study Organizational activities in all functional areas and relate this to theoretical knowledge acquired and also to work on a project
in one of the functional areas.

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1. Preliminary pages

▪ Title Page (cover page and inside first page)

▪ Declaration (By the student)

▪ Certificate (Principal of the college - On the letterhead)

▪ Certificate (Faculty Guide in the College - On the letterhead of the College)

▪ Certificate (Organizational Guide - on the letterhead of the Organization)

▪ Acknowledgement

▪ Contents

▪ List of tables

▪ List of charts / graphs

2. Executive Summary (Should contain summary of part 'A' & Part 'B' in 2-3 pages)

PART “A": Organizational Study

3. Chapter One - Industry Profile

Industry scenario with the various players' details

4. Chapter Two - Company Profile

Details of the organization including the organization structure, A wards & Certifications, SWOT analysis /Vision, Mission, Goals and objectives ,Markets present, market share, financials, Details of their products, Details of the various departments they have (Functional areas/Divisions) like

▪ People

▪ Policies

▪ Systems and procedures

▪ Problems if any

Suggestions/Recommendations ( if any).

PART “B": Study of the Problem / Issue

4. Chapter THREE - Research Design

•Statement of the Problem

•Title of the project/study

•Objectives of the Study

•Scope of the study

•Operational Definitions

•Research Methodology

1. Sources of Data (Primary & Secondary)

2. Research Method or type of study (Descriptive/Exploratory/ Experimental)

3. Sampling Plan (Sampling Unit, Sample size, Sampling Method)

4. Contact Method (Personal interview- Prior Appointment/Intercept / Mail / Telephone)

5. Data Collection Method (Questionnaire, Mechanical Devices) (ie., Research Instrument used).

6. Limitations of the Study

5.Chapter FOUR - Data Analysis

6.Chapter FIVE - Findings. Recommendations/Suggestions, & Conclusion

7.My Learning

8.Bibliography (Don’t put chapter and page no. for this)

The list of Books referred -Author, Title, edition, Publisher, Year of Publication and ISBN number.

The list of Journals / Magazines etc referred - Name of the journal/magazine, Publishing house, year/month of issue and article referred with the name(s) of the author of the article, and Page Numbers

The list of the web sites (Not Search Engines) browsed

The newspapers referred with Name of the Newspaper, edition and date of issue, the article title and the name of the person(s) who wrote the article.

The names of the internal/private circulation material of any organization etc with details of it

9. Annexure (Don’t put chapter and page no. for this)

Questionnaire, Interview Schedule, Financial Statements, Analysis sheets etc.,


• The report should be around 100 pages excluding the initial pages (certificates, declaration, & contents)

• Spell check and grammar check to be made by the student before the final print is


• Both sides justification for all the pages

• Hard bound with Sky Blue Colour Cover.

• Font Size - 12 for text/14 for headings & Subheadings.

• 1.5 line spacing

• A4 Size Executive Bond Paper.

• Font style: Times New Roman / Arial.

• Foot notes-End of each chapter

• References at the end of each chapter

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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