Internship Experience with Grade Two Kids at Canoas Elementary School

Canoas Elementary School is my internship organization, and where I do my observation while I come to visit my supervisor and my students. Fortunately, I come during lunch time so I can be able to do my observation at the playground, and also my supervisor has time to talk with me. The weather of that day was windy and sunny, and it was such a nice weather to visit my supervisor and see the kids have fun at school. It was a little bit hot during noon, and most of the kids already take off their jacket as ready for their eating and playing time.

I see the kids play and run outside the playground that remind me the time I was working with them. I talk and observe two second graders because I know they are best friend. It would be interesting to listen to their conversation when they were not pay attention to me. Both of them are White and Japanese, and their name is Elizabeth and Isis.

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I know about them a little since I helped their teacher in charge their class few times when she was in training with other teachers.

Isis was wearing a pink headband as it matched with her shirt, and a navy skirt with a long boot. Elizabeth was wearing a white shirt, a pink jacket, and a white skirt with a short boot. Isis and Elizabeth was holding hand and walking around the playground. They talked and laughed like they were enjoying their conversation.

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I pretended that I was watching other kids; I tried to stand close where they were standing and talking because I interested to hear their conversation since they laughed too much. Fortunately, I heard a little bit that Isis told Elizabeth about her older brother. She told about how her old brother helps her when she does her homework, but he always eats her snacks that their mother buys it for her. Sometimes, she gets angry since he never asks her before he eats it. She told Elizabeth that she dislikes him because of that and wants to beat into his butt when he eats her snacks. After, they run to play jump ropes and four squares ball with their classmates.

As I know, Isis and Elizabeth are one of the intelligence students in their class. I suddenly saw Elizabeth told a friend to hold her lunch bag while she played jump ropes because she does not want to put it on the ground like other students. Elizabeth and Isis seem to be a good friend like sisters because I heard they usually talked about their family to each other. They wear skirt with a boot and also have a short hair. Their dressing style is alike and looks very girly. So, I could tell they are the best partner in their class. While they joined to play four squares ball, I could see how Isis easily got angry when other kids were laughing at her because she could not hit the ball and lost her turn. She yelled at other friends by saying, “Stop laughing.” Her face turned red and angry because other kids made fun of her. In addition, Elizabeth helped Isis by warning other friends that she will tell the teacher if anyone laughs at Isis again. Both of them have a tiny shaped bodies with a light brown curly hair which makes them look adorable like a Barbie. Moreover, I heard Isis told Elizabeth that she just lost her front tooth and looked so strange without it. She could not eat fast since she lost it.

Elizabeth smiled and said that she still not change her new teeth yet. One of the obvious things I see from them that Elizabeth has a dark skin color, and Isis looks so white. I also saw them sharing their meals in the cafeteria. They were enjoying their lunch while talking to each other. Moreover, they waited for each other to finish their foods and went outside to play together. They seem to take care of each other like sisters. In addition, I heard Elizabeth asked Isis to come to her house on the weekend to play with her cousins because she has many cousins around their age. Isis said that she would like to bring her brother along. After, Isis told Elizabeth to sit down and she showed Elizabeth how to make a bun hair that her mother just taught her. Elizabeth said that she likes her hair to tie up high like a Japanese girl, but she could not make many style since her hair is short above the shoulder. Isis smiled and said it is summer, so it would be better for us to get a short hair cut. They both agreed with each other as they currently have a short hair. Moreover, they run to play the slide and the swing at the playground. They took turn to play the swing because I saw that Isis played and Elizabeth stood behind and pushed the swing for Isis. They had fun and Isis also told Elizabeth to push the swing harder so she could get up high. However, they seem to enjoy their time together after the studying time in class.

Next, they was holding each other hands again and coming to talk with other classmates at the playground. They ended up joining a group to talk, play, and laugh with other girls. School has thirty minutes for lunch, so the kids have to finish their lunch before they go outside to play. I observed Isis and Elizabeth until they go back to their class. After the bell ring, they run to make a line and waited for their teacher come out to take them back to class. I heard Elizabeth told Isis that she wants to play four squares ball again tomorrow instead of playing jump ropes because she keeps hitting herself with the rope. Moreover, Isis was smiling at Elizabeth as her agreement. They stopped their conversation and turned around to tell their classmates to get in the line and stopped talking, so the teacher will give their class credits for being good behaviors. Elizabeth and Isis stopped their conversation, came to stand where they belong, and waited for their teacher. Elizabeth took off her jacket since her face turned red because of the sunny. Therefore, they came back to their class and I went to talk with my supervisor a little bit before I leave.

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