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Internet Web Servers and HTML Essay

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In order to create a web page, a host must be first be found, or created. The Internet host is a site where the web page becomes available for view by users on the world wide web. While web pages can be hosted by an individual, most people prefer to use a host site as a service provider to do so for them. An Internet host provider does everything needed to make a web site available to others. The host provider will usually charge a fee for their services, although in some cases it is free.

Most host providers can also sell a domain name (for instance www. johndoe. com).

They will provide space on their server for web pages and may provide an interface control panel for installing scripts, which eases users’ accessibility to the site (such as providing a link for Email communication). After the Internet host provider has been selected, it is then up to the owner of the web site to provide the pages that will appear on the Internet.

This is done by creating HTML (hyper text markup protocol) pages that are transferred to the server via FTP (file transfer protocol). An easy way to create web pages for a site is to use a software editor such as Microsoft’s Front Page.

Front Page is available as part of the Microsoft Office Suite and can integrate documents from Word or spreadsheets from Excel into the web page. Front Page is user friendly; the software lets users input the text and pictures they want on a web site page as if they were using a word processing program (i. e. , there are buttons to make letters bold, italic, colored, etc. ) instead of having to insert the correct HTML code (which translates the look and placement of items on the Internet). Front Page then takes the information and converts it to HTML language.

Once the pages are complete, Front Page will transfer the pages to the Internet host provider where they will be stored, using the account name and password via FTP. Once the pages have been uploaded to the web site, it is then visible and accessible to any user of the world wide web.


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