Internet Surfing For The Blind Computer Science Essay

The right of unsighted people to entree the Internet is merely ignored in many states because Web pages have been designed for normal people. The ground for this phenomenon is simple – many Web page interior decorators do non prove the handiness of their designs with handicapped individuals in head. The handiness job has grown significantly because more concern and authorities bureaus are trusting on the Internet to scatter information and services and The Internet & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s ability to convey multimedia content get the better ofing clip and infinite restraints has created exciting and unanticipated chances in commercialism, communicating, instruction, scientific discipline, political relations, international dealingss, and many other Fieldss.

The Internet has played a major function in exciting the planetary economic system and has a profound impact on the quality of life for its users. However, a digital divide exists. Peoples with disablements are frequently left out of this Internet revolution.

As a consequence, many blind people are non basking the benefits of the Internet and the betterment in the quality of life that Internet usage can convey.

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In order for visually impaired individuals to surf the Internet, it is necessary to develop a particular human-computer interface system.

A device includes a address input device. A address acknowledgment processor connected to the address input device receives speech input. The device includes a computing machine clear medium coupled to the address acknowledgment processor. A bid tabular array stored on the computing machine clear medium includes bids matching to a control on a manual input interface.

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The address acknowledgment processor compares the address input to the bids in the bid tabular array and generates instructions if the address input matches a bid in the bid tabular array. A programmable accountant is coupled to the address acknowledgment processor and is configured to have instructions and to change over the instructions into control signals. The device includes a standard interface connection coupled to the programmable accountant. The programmable accountant sends the control signals through the standard interface connection.

Proposed System Design

As the Overview of the system shows, the footing of system is that resident plan read HTML pages downloaded via Web Browser, with the aid of dictionary files and cognition bases. Produce human address. Human address used by visually impaired individual to steer their interaction with the browser. They in bend can supply their input through the usage of particular input device such as mike.

Specifically resident plans have the undermentioned map:

Interaction with the Internet browser

Selectively reading portion of the text in Web pages and bring forthing human address ;

Receiving signals from particular input unit and emulating a corresponding mouse signal to the browser.

2.1 Technology applied

To do Vocal Surf functional, the undermentioned engineering are Employed, in extra to object orientated scheduling technique.

Microsoft sound application programming interface ( SAPI ) .

Sound Wave Manipulation.

Component Object Modeling ( COM ) .

2.2 Mechanism Implemented: The following diagram illustrate architecture of coevals of audio engine

The voice driven interface basically accepts spoken word as input. The input signal are so compared against set of predefine bid. if there is appropriate lucifer, the corresponding bid is end product to the bid processor. engine besides handle subsidiary map such as verification of bid where appropriate, velocity control and URL command.

The text-to address engine is responsible for bring forthing the lone end product for the system back to the user. Output is in the signifier of spoken text or sound for ordinary icon. The input can be either text watercourse consisting of existent information to be read out as the content of page or an direction to play sound as an ordinary icon.

The other major constituent is an HTML transcriber. When user petition an HTML papers, the content of papers must foremost be parsed and translated to a signifier which is suited for usage in sound. This include remotion of unwanted tickets and information. the transcriber besides summarizes information about papers such as the rubric and place of assorted construction for usage with papers.

The bid processor sits between HTML transcriber and interface. The bid processor is responsible for moving on the voice. The processor retrieve HTML papers from WWW. And feeds them to the HTML transcriber algorithm. It besides control the pilotage between web pages and the functionality associated with pilotage ( bookmark, history list ) .this constituent besides processes all the other system and housekeeping bids associate the plan. The watercourse of pronounced text is speech synthesis/audio engine is end product.

2.3 Functionality and Functionality Table:

All communicating from the user to the system is made by publishing voice bids. such bids are arrange into object known as bill of fare, depending upon the functionality requirement/availability, different bill of fares are available at different points in the plan executing.

A grammar set is defined to acknowledge speech bids ; some of the regulations are administrative control. To call few administrative control are

& A ; lt ; exits/quit plan |application| telebrouse & A ; gt ;

Speak & A ; lt ; faster/slower & A ; gt ;

Where I m?

What is my place page

The other regulations are used to command pilotage. It is anticipated that they are the most often used bid. The pilotage is supported in assorted ways:

Within the same page ( intra page pilotage )

Shoping a new web page

Bookmark, history list, document construction or to follow a hyperlink in the web page.

Following grammars display the nature of these regulations:

Start browse by & A ; lt ; location/bookmark/homepage & A ; gt ;

Maintain bookmark.

Start reading & A ; lt ; all/again & A ; gt ;

Load & A ; lt ; location/bookmark/homepage & A ; gt ;

Travel to history list

Jump & A ; lt ; forward/backward

ten & A ; lt ; construction & A ; gt ; & A ; gt ;

Next/previous construction

A construction is one of paragraph, nexus, ground tackle, degree 1/2/3 header, list page or tabular array. and ten represent positive whole number value.

2.4 Testing

The scheme adopted in proving Vocal Surf included Internal testing and User testing.

Internal testing of Vocal Surf consists of three stages:

1 ) Unit of measurement Testing

2 ) Faculty Testing

3 ) System Testing

Internal Testing carried out by research staff and User proving carried out by user.

Potential Application: –

For Young Children: – Children under 9 old ages are by and large have job accessing the cyberspace as they do non possess a big vocabulary. Although they have normal vision and a big spoken vocabulary, they can non read many words the Web pages. However, with the aid of our Vocal Surf paradigm. Young kids can surf the cyberspace as they can understand the contents of Web Page via human address. System may happen application in primary school.

For Older Person: For older Persons. Screen reading for long period of a clip is really exhausting, hence older people besides got benefits from proposed system.

Hand Free Browsing: If input animal trainer faculty is replace with voice acknowledgment in the system, people with disablements in their custodies would be able to utilize system for a web Browsing. This alteration besides profit normal people who want to entree Web when their custodies are tied up making something else.


Visually impaired individual and blind can deduce great benefits from vocal breaker ; it will do them independent as a member of wider society. Maximizing the usage of computing machines as portal to the cyberspace and its services will better their chances in instruction and their entree to information, immensely bettering their quality of life.

A HCI system such as Vocal Surf would besides broaden the profile of the Web utilizing population. enabling as more kids and aged people will go internet users in the hereafter

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