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Internet security Essay

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Our instructor gave us an assignment and I had to look for some information from the online library. I dashed to the public library nearby and at the entrance I was greeted by a sign with the words “Internet security enforced” So the internet services offered by the library had at last been secured! In the current world the term internet is very common. As Curtin admits in his essay on Introduction to network security “This is a word that I have heard way too often in the last few years.

Movies, books, newspapers, magazines, television programs, and practically every other sort of media imaginable have dealt with the internet recently. Internet is a term used to refer to a ‘network of other networks’ (Curtin, par 21-22). Internet has a history in itself. It was created mainly to improve the interactions among different researchers sponsored by the government. The internet grew rapidly in the years of 1980s in educational institutions, business organizations, government agencies and international institutions.

By the years of 1990s, internet usage had phenomenally grown and the networking had increased at a very fast rate compared to any network that had ever been used before like telephone use for networking. When a look is made into the present, millions and millions of internet users are connected with majority being those in business (NIST, par 7). The internet technology works magic in this advanced society. However, one is at risk of attacks sneaking through the front door if the internet site is insecure and the computer system is not ready to handle such cases of insecurity.

It is thus important to have internet security. What then is internet security? Internet Security Concept To get a better insight of the positive and the negative side of internet security as part of technology, it is important to understand the concept ‘Internet security’. Security seems to be an ambiguous term. Everyone argues differently of what this is and furthermore the acceptable risk levels. Internet security entails the protection of the network against threats.

Security is an issue for not only everyone but also everything. Even the internet needs to be secured from threats such as viruses (Curtin, par 104-105). Viruses are the source of computer system insecurity. Virus is software that clings to host software. It uses the host’s ability to replicate itself. When the host program is executed, the host also executes its duty. It also attaches itself to other programs. Viruses erase programs, steal personal information or declare their presence blocking important information. They pose great dangers to computer system.

Therefore computer systems need to be secured (MacForensicsLab, par 17-28). Benefits of Internet Security The benefits that accrue from a secure internet are far reaching and wide. Furthermore, it takes less to prevent than to cure. The main purpose of internet security is to give protection against viruses. Viruses are the greatest evil doers when it comes to the information technology (NIST, par7-10). Just like any other virus that cause diseases, computer viruses are on the increase all of which have their origin from the widely used internet.

They can be so dangerous to a computer system and can lead to its destruction. Such infections can lead to loss of important data. Internet security programs such as antivirus ensure that all data obtained from the internet is scanned to remove all the unwanted programs and viruses. Antivirus is a strong antibiotic that strongly fights the computer viruses. This ensures that the incoming information is clean and safe for use in a computer system (Kapsersky, par 6-9). Internet security keeps one’s information confidential. The world of technology has greatly expanded.

Internet technology can however be applied wrongly. For instance, if a system is not secure, other person can get access to the system via the internet. Some unwanted programs can be launched into the computer’s memory. However, the security put as a guard warns users of such dangerous processes and prevents harmful changes that may be done on the file system. Internet security also protects the computer from spyware; confidential information such as bank account numbers, passwords and details from credit cards is secured from being viewed by intruders (Kapsersky, par 13).

Internet security protects a computer system from hackers. Technology have gone too far such that it is possible to scan another computer’s ports through the network. Such hackers are malicious and are done to attack the network. What the internet security does is to block any further communication with that computer that attempting to attack (Kapsersky, par 16). Furthermore, some internet security programs allow users to only access secure intranet or internet. The firewall determines the limits of the rules. More so a computer can be prevented from visibility by other computers online.

Once a certain mode such as stealth mode has been switched on, the computer becomes invisible from other networks. All other network activities ceases apart from the specified. Therefore any plans to invade the systems are altered. Internet security can therefore guard the whole system from attacks by viruses such as the Trojan horse and prevents a computers data access by any unauthorized personnel (Kapsersky, par 18-19). Most of the internet security focus on the physical infrastructures; the network itself.

However, there are others that provide total solution as far as internet security is concerned. That is, the network, applications as well as platforms. Examples of these include, Microsoft NT (R) as well as UNIX (R). A protection that is over all is the best for a total security of the computer from the internet ‘evils’. Internet Security provides protection services to enable various organizations in the implementation of a secure access to data as well as assets through the World Wide Web (Business Wire, par 2-3). Damages Caused By Internet

If a computer system is not protected, threats may end up ruining the overall system. Computer software and other accessories are exposed to harms from the internet and hence their functioning. There is therefore need to ensure that the system is safeguarded before accessing the internet. Security is ensured by various programs such as antivirus. They detect presence of a virus into a system and repair the situation through a command. Unsecured sites are open to any intruder (NIST, par 9-12). However ‘evil’ internet security has also emerged.

‘Evil’ technology has also continued to evolve currently. There are some stronger viruses that have been made by criminals that the antivirus is unable to detect such as the Trojan Horse. Trojan Horse make defense almost impossible. It exploits the weakness in the user to find some entry into the secured system. The malware pretends to be of importance to the user. The user will be attracted and execute the malware in disguise (MacForensicsLab par 17-28). The virus in it is hidden in the payload and when in the system performs the desired function by its author.

The malware can steal information as well as property from a ‘secure’ system. Personal information is stolen to assist in theft from a person’s bank account, credit card and other important areas. The same knowledge that was used to make the internet secure has made it more insecure. Stronger virus programs have also come up through technology to counter the antivirus. Through pretence to give the system security, the viruses find their way (MacForensicsLab par 17-28). Some antivirus has as a result become weak and cannot detect the strong viruses such as the Trojan horse and Autorun viruses.

Just like in the Trojan data access, data will also be ruined even in the presence of antivirus (NIST, par 9-12). Conclusion Technology is advanced day in and day out to make better man’s world. Some many discoveries on technology have been made such as the internet. It has been widely adopted in all spheres of human live. Despite the interne technology benefits, it has been misused. Through technology dangerous programs have been made and they are a great threat to internet users such as viruses. More technology has come up with programs to secure the internet.

In spite of this security stronger viruses find their way into the system such as the Trojan horse. Something needs to be done to fight the stronger viruses. Work Cited Business Wire. Internet Security Advantages, Inc Offers Secure Centralized Access & Control Consulting Services for Web-Based Business Applications. BNET, 1 July 1998 Web. 5 June, 2010, <http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_1998_July_1/ai_50137573/->. Curtin, Matt. Introduction to Network Security. Kent Information Services. nd March 1997. Web. 5 June 2010 <http://www.

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