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Internet: Music and Movies

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Essay, Pages 1 (241 words)



Essay, Pages 1 (241 words)

Nowadays, the Internet has allowed people easy access to songs and movies without paying. There are many websites where you can illegally download the work of artists and composers and make it yours. In my opinion, if you are not buying the music or the movie you are consuming, you are stealing it in some way. Some people think that because music is not tangible, it cannot be considered a robbery, but in fact it is. Behind that song there are many people, not only musicians, but also song editors, composers, distribution agents, … By illegally having that song, you are not giving any benefit to the artist, who should be rewarded for his work.

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It is true that there are singers who earn a lot of money not only from the sale of albums, but also from concerts, events and songs for a brand or a movie. Despite this, only a few artists are popular enough to do this and make a profit, which contributes to the fact that many singers who are entering to the music industry find it very difficult to do so.

Finally, I think that while pirating to get free music and movies is easier and more extended, we should think of all the people who work to produce that. In fact, if we are true fans of that we should buy at least that album or that film to contribute keep improving that artist career.

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