Internet is a connection that connect to the global network system to

Internet is a connection that connect to the global network system to transfer various of data such as picture, audio,video and variety of information and communication facilities. It is also a network of global exchanges and it is connected by guided, wireless,and fiber optic technologies. Internet of Things is a medium which will deals with collecting data, interconnectedness and devices. There are three things that required in the main process of IoT which is human, devices (with sensors) and servers.

IoT also can be considered as the biggest frontier that can improve our daily lives in many aspects. IoT is set to transform our world completely. There are a few of benefits of IoT in our life, our home, our city, our industry and our environment. The benefits in our life for examples is Smart Helmet: ICEdot Crash Sensor. This helmet will be pairs with your smartphones via Bluetooth automatically to call for help when you crash and your head a hit.

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Once the sensor send the signal to your phones, all information about your medical information and GPS will be sent designated emergency contact and your help will be on the way. The benefits for our home is Best Key Finder Tags. As human, we always forget where we put our things especially car keys. It will be more easily to find the keys if the keys connected with your phone. Best Key Finder Tags will instant alert if you leave something behind and your mobile phone will make a guide.

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The keys’ finder will make a noise to reveal their location to make you be more easily to find it.

The example of benefits IoT for our city is Tzoa: Wearable Air Quality Sensor. It is a wearable air quality and UV sensor. This wearable will help you to breathe cleaner and healthier air. The function is also to help users to track sun exposure and it can manage healthy lights such as high temperature. It has 3 function which is Real-Time Air Quality Report, Your Daily Digest and Crowdsourced Maps. The example for the industry is Agtech IoT Smart Farming. IoT will help farmer to better understanding in using resource and opportunity only use wireless sensor and monitor using devices from your farm. And the last benefits is for our environments. For the example is Source Lion Tracking Collars. The function of the collars is to collect data and the location of the lion. The data will be easier The Wildlife to monitor and protect them from threats they face. Without IoT in our life, we will face with many problems.

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