Internet Gambling: The Rationale and Reasons Behind Its Existence Essay

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Internet Gambling: The Rationale and Reasons Behind Its Existence

The internet has brought a lot of changes in the society today. It makes life much easier to deal with, makes transactions faster and makes communication easier to reach. The internet has contributed to the development of a country. It has contributed to the success of many business establishments. It has brought many high-tech gadgets and applications.

However, the internet also brought disadvantages to mankind. It has made so many illegal acts hi-tech as well. Stealing for one is very rampant in the internet. Hacking website information and databases is another. Software piracy increases through time. Time and again, this technology has been both an advantage and a disadvantage to mankind.

In the 21st century, the internet has become the an easy tool for disseminating information of all sorts, a means of interaction between individuals and their computers wherever they are located and regardless of their wealth and stature. Businesses slowly emerge through the use of internet for users find it comfortable.

One of the most common and old businesses in history is gambling, and with internet, gambling seemed to appear appealing to some internet users. It is known that the first online casino was founded on August 18, 1995 where it had eighteen various casino games, online access to National Indian Lottery and an Internet Sports Book. (Basu, 2006)

Internet gambling has had its effects on the society. It increases gambling addiction, gambling by minors, crimes and several threats on sporting contests.  Moreover, cheating is very rampant in online casinos which includes the site owner failed to pay the winners, the site owner failed to return the money paid to them which were never gambled and the site just disappear bringing with them the money from the investors. (Basu, 2006)

d.      It is of importance that the government and every parent must pay attention to this problem. Not only does it increase crime rate and dishonesty but it also attracts minor internet users. Since internet now is just within reach, most families have acquired it at home which means children, as early as their young age, have access to the internet. With this, everything is possible – even internet gambling.

II.         Internet Gambling: The Problem in the 21st Century

a.      Internet gambling is very prevalent in today’s modern world. As mentioned in the previous item, this illegal activity is no longer restricted to adult internet users but to minors as well. Parents, having the full responsibility over their children, must be able to explain to them how and when the internet is used. Parents must be more attentive now to what the children do. Parents must restrict their children on opening websites which might lead them to knowing internet gambling and other illegal activities done over the web.

b.      Internet gamblers help to create obsessive gamblers. There are those who have a hard time restricting themselves from playing at a casino. And it is even harder for them to resist stopping playing when it is done online. There are internet gamblers who always say “I will play one more time, and then I’ll stop”. But this statement has already been abused for it has never applied. On the other hand, internet gambling sites give internet gamblers the opportunity to gamble as much money as they want since comfort of playing is on their side. (Berkovich, 2006)

c.       Generally, online gamblers now are younger than those personally gambling at casinos since younger people are more computer savvy than the older ones. In a research done by American Psychological Association in March 2002, it was found out that every one of the 389 respondents had tried gambling at some point in their lives. 90% gambled the previous year, 42% gambled the previous week, 8% gambled online in their lifetime and 4% gambled weekly. In addition, it was found out that the younger respondents were more likely to gamble online compared to the older respondents. Online gamblers’ age average at 31.7 years than 43.5 years for traditional gamblers. (

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