Internet - Cyber security

The internet is no man’s land. The whole world has been melted into a global village as the Internet pervades the homes, offices and even phones. The internet has become closer to our thoughts and feelings every day as chat engines can now express feelings and depict thought patterns. Information about self, plan of work, career, and family are also speedily available and sent via the internet. Most, if not all, companies own a website where the clients/customers can access their information.

In fact, financial institutions run transactions through cyber space. Security outfits have private and confidential data on Networks that can easily access the Net. All these point to on pellucid fact: the cyberspace cannot be ignored. It cannot be ignored because of the risk associated with such move. This underscores the need for cyberspace security. The responsibility of government is not just for the internal and border security of her people; it also includes security across the internet.

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Although the internet belongs to no one, government can take certain steps to promote her people from Internet fraud, spyware and other security threats. As the world shrinks, the Internet will definitely be a means for evil doers and enemies of progress and freedom to use to perpetuate their obnoxious. This is another reason why the government must take the issue very seriously. This is why the collaboration between Symantec and National Cyber Security Alliance is commendable.

This provides statistics about security issues on the Internet: it postulates that only about one-fifth of computer and internet users have adequate security protection although most believe they are protected.

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This means there is a gap: most believe what is not. Bridging the gap is an important aspect of the work of Department of Homeland Security and NCSA. It is not enough to have statistics although they are fundamental facts upon which decisions are based. I believe these figures are even worse than what is said.

The report does not show how many users were used for the research and how reliable that percentage can be. If this is the case, vigorous mass publicity and campaigns will help. This will involve state and federal agencies, and private organizations that provide internet and computer service. The article titled ‘Americans confused as ever over cyber-security’ gives a clear picture of what the challenge is. The question is who is responsible for this confusion?

The users of cyberspace have a big chunk of this confusion as they need out information about how to safeguard themselves from internet threats. It is likely they would have tried but the information is not accessible. This means that information on cybersecurity is not user-friendly; this is a field where they really have to work. Besides, staying safe online appears daunting for many users. Since antivirus, antispyware and firewall software are the frontline basic protections Americans should have, information should be readily accessible.

Cybersecurity is obviously will continue to be important. Efforts have to mad now to safeguard computer and Internet users. This can be achieved first through information made available at the point of purchase; tell people about security. Then, computer accessories Unit should have also succinct information for their customers. Internet service providers have a big role to play: they need to prepare a package on cybersecurity like FAQs that can be used by their clients. Regular updates should also be made available.

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Internet - Cyber security

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