Internet and Target Customers Segment Essay

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Internet and Target Customers Segment

1. Based on the three customer personas, which customer segment should Ontela target?

Ontela should targe the teen segment. The size of the segment is big and wide, they are usually early adapters of technology (lots are tech savvy) their purchasing power is huge,. Moreover, the segment is substantial, and can make ontela increase its revenues. This segment uses the internet alot and the social network, e.g. facebook,. There can be the domino effect and more friends may join this service. As youth tend to imitate one the other. They spend lots of time in the internet and marketing in the internet (banners, PPC, etc) doesn’t cost a lot and very good to start with. Ontela shouldn’t target the 2nd’ persona because the segment is not big enough, old fashion and the revenues aren’t expected to increase. It is a work tool and therefore it is a niche.

2. Create a positioning statement for your chosen target persona and identify the key themes that should be emphasized in the messaging for the PickDeck service to this segment:

Positioning statement: Specifically designed for people who treasure their memories captured in mobile phone and have been frustrated with the cumbersome process of manually transferring photos off their phones, Ontelas’s Picdeck is a quality innovative mobile phone service that promises an easiest way to transfer pictures off their camera phones by automatically uploading those to a desktop, e-mail or favorite photo sharing and social networking sites with no click and best price.

The key themes are:
**send and save your pictures in one click
**easy to use
**share with your friends and family easily

3. What are the risks of using qualitative persons to select target customers segment?

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