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International Student

Introduction Everybody seeks for a better education whatever the difficulties it might bring. The right to education is a fundamental human right (www. encyclopedia. com, 2008). Education seems to be the initial step toward the success of an individual to reach his goal in his life later on. As time passed by, the trend of education becomes different. Part of which is the implementation of the international education. This system gives an opportunity to particular students to have world class learning. These people of our next generation should be well established in order to bring something significant in the near future.

Countries like the United States of America have become the premier destination for foreign students. Most top universities in this country is engage of providing education among foreign students. However, being a foreign student is not an easy thing. It just like being a tourist traveling in his preferred destination, the only thing is that these people seem to have more obligations not only within their study but as well as being a temporary citizen of their preferred country. These foreign students somehow faced a lot issues and difficulties that more or less can affect their studies.

The Life of a Foreign Student The life of a foreign student tackles many complications and difficulties. First, they have to deal with the reality that they are in a place where they are a complete stranger to everyone. Aside from that, they will be apart from their families and loved ones as well. Foreign students are engage with a lot of sacrifices ion order to achieve something that will make them grow more and such thing is having a world class education. Mostly, students become culture shocked. Especially if when east meets west. The difference in their culture and beliefs somehow results to discrimination.

The usual argument about this matter is the inferiority that mostly western countries imply on eastern countries. Unfortunately, up to this point, this particular incident is still prevailing in most international schools and universities. The discrimination based on the racial group of the people or simply called racism creates a negation perception against the international education. Recently, incidents that are related to this tends to be more violent and inhuman. In Melbourne Australia, racism is making the life of foreign students miserable.

It has been reported that the effects are becoming severe as racist attacks in Melbourne are on the rise. The investigation has found out that 135,000 foreign students living in Melbourne faced difficulties. (“Racism”, 2008) The discrimination is somehow unavoidable between two opposing nations; however, as education is part of the fundamental right of each individual, therefore the difference between the color, race, culture, religion, or belief shouldn’t be the reason for a student not to have the right for quality education (www. encyclopedia . com, 2008).

Another problem faced by these students is their incapability to speak the English language fluently. The English language is the standard medium that is used by the schools and universities. And because these students came from different countries from all over the world, obviously, it would be quite difficult for them to speak the language that they are not that capable of. This particular problem can somehow be minimized. The fact that they enter a university to gain knowledge and it would also be necessary for them to have more advance readings regarding the language itself.

It would also be appropriate to have some background about the country and the people in it to have more familiarization. Moreover, foreign students also encounter problems regarding their finances. The expenses are usually higher compare to local education. Their financial expenses also include their school admissions, meals, accommodations, transportations, school projects, other personal necessities. However, students now a day can acquire part time jobs to help them cope up with their expenses while studying. In fact, this certain activity will also help them manage their own expenses even if they are away from their family.

Aside from that, students who are doing great in class are candidates for the scholarships that some universities granted their students. They provide this type of financial aid to extend their hand on students who are less fortunate but have the tendency to be outstanding in class. Again, it only shows that education is really for everybody, and even the status in life, shouldn’t be a hindrance for one to acquire education. As of now, a lot of countries are providing scholarships among international students. They established this

kind of program to provide more education from people across the globe. Lastly, foreign students also encounter technical problems especially the application of their student visa. After the September 11 World Trade Center Bombing in the United States, the application for student visa have become more complicated. The government began to implement certain rules and policies so that the incident won’t happen again. Certain restrictions and policies are also implemented in all countries for them to prevent some illegalities concerning visa applications and tourist visitations.

Conclusion As an individual seek for a better future, the hindrances are just part of it and it is something to consider about. Being a foreign student is definitely risky but as they believe in reaching their goals, nothing would be impossible for them. As they start their journey to give their selves the education that they truly deserve, most of them are also face with a lot of challenges that they will encounter along their way. However, despite of all the hardships that every foreign student must face, they should stay well determined and focused.

In the first place, they are doing these sacrifices fro their families and their selves so that they would become successful; in their life in the future. School and universities should also share their part as the institutions that provide educations. They must stay consistent on giving the best quality of education to these students who have been suffering enough just to admit their selves in such university. Education is primary for everybody. Let us consider this as the driving force against the negativity that is uttered against it.

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