International Relations Essay

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International Relations

International policies ensure that countries interact to safeguard their national interest and maintain good relationships and able to assist each other in areas dealing with economy, technology or when faced with a calamity. The rich nations maintain their international relations to under developed nations and assist them through the help on non- governmental organizations (NGOs), which provide facilities they need. It is however noted that this rich states use this influence to undermine the less fortunate countries by exploiting them.

The nations can either co exist peacefully or be exploited and controlled by the powerful nations. In this paper, we focus on the positive areas that are brought by international relations as well as the negative side of international relations. The rich developed nations feel they are in control and will ensure they are recognized by other countries (Griffiths 2008). Advantages Most of these rich nations have good stable economies for example the European states and they will allow trade with other countries creating good stable economy.

During the recent recession which affected the whole word, the rich nations used their influence to maintain good economy through increase of international trade and carrying out research to find solutions to the problem. This move saw the end of the recession in 2009 and most countries are on their way to recovery. They ensure peace, order and stability in the world by deploying their troop to places where there are wars or offering to mediate between opposing sides.

The US and UK have deployed their troops to war ton areas like Darfur and Iraq to restore stability and order. This is seen as a positive gesture to improve world peace and eliminate fighting (Griffiths 2008). They help in crisis areas which have experienced national calamities like flooding, earthquakes, drought and manmade calamities like terrorism, get assistance to rebuild themselves from the influential rich states.

International aid is a positive gesture and improves good communication between countries, the recent earthquake that was experienced in Haiti, which saw the destruction of property and loss of lives, received international help like food, tents clothing and assistance to rebuild the country. In china and India which have been experiencing floods, they are provided with emergency rescue missions and the helped in the construction of dams and dykes to prevent flooding (Griffiths 2008).

In recent times the international countries have formed international courts which charge the offenders of crimes like terrorism, murder and corruption. The western countries follow these proceedings closely to ensure justice prevails. The recent proceedings of former Liberian president who was accused of committing crimes while he was president are ongoing and the arrest of terrorist who are accused of promoting wars and killing innocent civilian especially in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. They offer incentives for mutual cooperation and provision of better health care.

They provide better medications to undeveloped nations and offer help in medical cases which required qualified medical personnel. This undeveloped countries benefit by having good hospitals and schools if they cooperate with the rich nations and maintain long lasting relations (Griffiths 2008). They assist and help in areas which are affected by war and calamities . some countries lack good governance making them to be in constant fighting. This is usually the case in African countries like Rwanda, Somalia and Sudan where fighting is the order of the day.

Influential countries assist in dialogue and formation of good political systems which will reduce the wars. In Rwanda and Ivory Coast, the rich states used their power and assisted in restoration of peace. In countries like Sudan, peace talks are going on with the western countries being in the frontline to ensure positive feedback (Griffiths 2008). Disadvantage The rich countries want to gain supremacy and control other nations by telling them to comply with their rules and govern their political system and taking control o their resources.

This will lead to war especially in the Middle East which have rich minerals will feel offended when their resources are being controlled making them to commit terrorism, and fighting. Such cases are being reported by the rise in number of suicide bombers being witnessed worldwide (Griffiths 2008). The influential states have been known to develop areas where they will gain in return and they mostly target countries which are in Africa and the Middle East because they are rich in labor and minerals. This will lead to underdevelopment of areas which are not blessed with minerals leading to unequal economic development.

These countries feel they are in control of every situation and will order the arrest of violators who are past their jurisdiction; this is usually the case with terrorists and pirates who are arrested and tried in international courts. Most of them are tortured and denied their basic human rights. When found guilty, they are imprisoned for many years and do not have communication with their mother countries examples of this prison was the guntana mo bay which held terrorist prisoners (Griffiths 2008).

The developed nations have thriving economies and the developing countries will wish to be as developed. The rich nations will assist them but there are some rules which they will lay down and act according to the way they want. Some change their trading policies, political systems and allocate some areas specifically for the rich nations. The European Union states demand to trade with these nations who import goods from the EU region and commanded the terms and conditions of the trade making them fall prey because they are weak and want to be assisted economically (Griffiths 2008).

Countries like Congo and Sierra Leone are known to have rich minerals like Gold and diamond but due to the frequent wars, they are not developed. The rich nations will assist them by starting non governmental organizations and stop war but in real sense they want to control and manage the areas that are rich in these resources, they highly publicize the good things they have done to be recommended by other nations but all they are doing is controlling their resources and are highly assisted by local politicians and business men.

They want to control areas which are in war or lack good political foundation and assist by mediating and changing their political ways and introduce theirs which will be easy to control them. They usually target areas which are in constant fight like Iraq Pakistan and Rwanda (Griffiths 2008). In conclusion, international relations among countries promote unity and peaceful coexistence among counties.

It brings unity and the ability to assist in cases of calamities and technological development. The richer states are often looked upon to give economic and political advice to developing nations and this leads to indirect colonization of the poor states. It is said to get something done, some sacrifices have to be honored so is the case in this situation. The more you comply with the rich states, the more help and economic success you will achieve.

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