International Problems Essay

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International Problems

The new age of terrorism and global paranoia is something that everybody should be concerned about. If in the case that a multi-spectral intelligence reveals that Venezuela is secretly pursuing nuclear technology, then it should have a high chance probability that it is true. As an advice, the United States’ first step should be to coordinate with world leaders through an organization which it is a member of and that organization permits a global scale of influence like the United Nations.

This will somehow provide cushion to the possible pressures that the US might experience in dealing alone with the situation if ever it is true. With an informed global community, it would be much easier to deliberate what steps should be undertaken if ever dilemmas are to happen. Second, it is important for the US to at least have a dialogue with the Venezuelan government to assess the threat. It should request from Venezuela to provide its standpoint whether the information is true or not.

Only then the US will be able to know what next steps to undertake. On the aspect of international security, the US should really be concerned about this information. One of the main reasons is that it is really very close in proximity to Venezuela which could be a military nightmare in any security threats. Also, the security threat to the US is always real (Raasch, 2008) that it should take a big step ahead of these problems before they even happen.

Second, the US always plays the role of a leader in combating the irresponsible acts of developing WMDs. Lastly, resolving this kind of a problem readily provides threats not only in terms of security but also to economic stability. As indirect as it may seem, external security threats to the US will always mean variations of allocations of funds and resources therefore limiting the capacity of the government to attend to more important matters.

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