International Memo Report Essay

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International Memo Report

The purpose of this memo is provide an understanding of the Tongans and the culture and values that they carry. The reason why this study is necessary is because before meeting any of the Tongan, there is a need to ensure that you too follow the same values and beliefs as them and do not offend them in any manner. Following are some of the major topics under discussion such as the clothes you should wear, the gestures and the attitude you should maintain and many more.

Appropriate Dress

According to research, the Tongans wear their traditional dress every where, be it to work and at formal occasions. In order to understand the Tongan dress, the following excerpt has been taken: “Tongan people are still wearing traditional dress. Tongan men wear a tupenu, a cloth skirt-like that goes around their waist, and it goes below their knees. It is worn to work and on formal occasions.” (Internet, 1999[1])

Social Customs

The Tonga residents believe that family is of utmost priority. Even though the young people would be noticed calling their older people by their first name, the love and the care that they have incorporated into their culture is the essence of Tonga. Tongans are known to celebrate and get together with their family when they here any kind of news. This is the culture that they hold and this is the kind of culture that should also be held in any coversation. Till the Tongans do not feel like they are with a family, they will not feel comfortable and may not cooperate as required.


The eating habits of the Tongan residents is very simple, however, the way they prepare their food is a little different. They are interested in eating meat, vegetables and fruits; however, they cook pork on big occasions only. They usually cook their food is a large underground oven that they make on their own and they have their own techniques of serving food in banana or other kinds of leaves.

Gestures and Attitudes

The most common way of greeting a Tongan is by either shaking the hands or by providing a verbal greeting. In the native language of Tonga, ‘Malo e lelei’ means hello and this is this greeting is usually provided with a shake hand. What you must ensure is that Tongans believe in comforting unwelcome guests. This means that they have a custom to drop by anyone’s house and expect to be treated with hospitality.

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