International Management Essay

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International Management

1. Hollywood movies affect national culture outside the United States because it leads people to stereo-type other cultures. Such as the stereo-type of Japanese people as robotic caricatures who mix there L’s and R’s and Bill Murry who played a character was taking a shower in a Five-star hotel and has to bend down to wash his hair in the shower but in reality their isn’t a five star hotel in Tokyo that hasn’t accounted for the varying heights of its guest. Some positive effects of Hollywood movies on world cultures is that it brings cultures together through a sense of comfortably and laugher.

2. Culture plays a big role in business, Movies have influence managerial task, Company activities and other ways of doing business around the world because it has open many jobs and also has to communicate to abroad audience of workers and the audience. Watching foreign films can be an effective way of learning how to do business abroad because it shows what the countries interest in movies are and also lets you learn a lot about their culture.

3. Hollywood movies are very popular abroad because the bring a sense of diversity to the big screen allowing all cultures to merge together and feel comfortable. While on the other hand foreign films have no diversity and have a narrow range of actors/ actress from different cultures also the diversity of movies. Foreign film makers should focus more on the genres of movies and more diversity within the films.

4. I think movies constitute a separate category. Given the nature of the movie countries should shield and support their own film industry via protectionism.

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International Management

In chapter 4 I learned about the cultural environment of international business. Some of the important topics discussed where culture and cross-cultural risk. Culture is learned, shared, and enduring orientations of society, expressed in value, ideas, attitudes, behaviors and other meaningful symbols and artifacts. Cross-cultural risks arise from a situation or event in which a cultural misunderstanding puts some human value at stake. Key concepts of culture and National culture influences consumer behavior, managerial effectiveness and the range of value chain operations, such as product and service design, marketing and sales. The role of culture in international business, cultural metaphors, stereotypes, and idioms. Interpretations of culture where low context cultures rely on elaborated verbal explanations and High cultures emphasize non verbal communication. Subject versus objective dimensions of culture. Language as a key dimension of culture, contemporary issues in culture and overcoming cross-cultural risk.

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Chapter 5

1. The case suggest that you do things the right way and not by bribery. Siemens gained his job back but also gained more people monitoring money flow and amount of bribes. 2. Many countries have different belief and laws some believe bribery is ok and some do not think it is ethical and have put in place laws to control bribery. Countries benefit from a strong rule of law that minimizes corruption because corruption inhibits development in poor countries and is at the root of persistent poverty in many. Bribery distorts legitimate efforts to sustain and enhance company business.

3. No I don’t think that Siemens was penalized enough dot it corruption because many countries and lives were at risk. Government or other organizations can do many things to discourage from engaging in corrupt behavior such as making bribery illegal or to a certain amount.

4. In my opinion I do not agree with bribery especially when it is a large lump sum and is not being controlled putting many people at risk.

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