International Criminal Court on Prosecution of Serious International Crimes Essay

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International Criminal Court on Prosecution of Serious International Crimes

First adopted in a diplomatic conference in Rome on the year 1998, 17th day of July, the Rome Statute is considered as the main treaty that has estblished the formation of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Officially set into force on the first day of July 2002, the ICC now hadles various cases in different categories of identified international crimes.

More so, the ICC now has a pool of its respected members coming from 108 different states and countries across the globe. Although some may argue that the formation of ICC will never be effective in resolving the issues and problems of serious international crimes and that there are countries who doubt the functions of this treaty, it can not be denied that ICC has a huge potential in portraying significant contributions when it comes to handling severe international crimes.

For instance, the case of Augusto Pinochet, a long-time dictator in Chile for 17 years, is a serious legal case where the ICC could function in delivering justice to the people who have been victimized by his tyranny. For a certain period of time, Pinochet has been cheating the process of justice despite the extensive efforts exerted by many of the European Ledears, as he is accused of ordering massive killings, tortures and abductions of about a thousand Chileans for him to stay in power for 17 long years.

As for this type of case, ICC could make a difference in such a way that it could act as the proper court that would primarily handles international criminal acts like Pinochet’s, say that the efforts of local leaders, as similar to the actions of European legislators to bring Pinochet to justice, is no longer effective to protect the welfare of the people.

Thus, ICC could make a difference in such a way that it could serve as the global eye of justice amongst leaders who violate the rules of the law againts massive killing and spreading of violence, which could primarily bring them to prosecution and deliver justice for the people and the country. More so, in times like this where violence and ill driven wars are just around the corner, the fuinctions of ICC could indeed serve a significant difference in bringing peace and order to the prosecution of serious international crimes.

Through its given set of rules and laws, the ICC could primarily define and classify the offensive actions of powerful countries, whether these agressions has probable cause or is just subjectively motivated to gather extension of power and gain supremacy. In this case, ICC could contribute to the process of prosecution of serious international crimes, as this mainly provides transparency and uniformity to prosecute individuals who commits crime listed under the international law.

From a personal point of view, the establishment and ratification of the ICC is indeed a positive development to further strengthen the stability of international law and community. Apart from its positive connotation in delivering justice to the people and sentencing offenders as well as individuals that violates the crimes under its laws, the ICC could as well be named as the defender of human rights in the global as it generally covers international crimes and human right offenses such as genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of agression.

With its specialized function and primarily position in d elivering justice in the international, the ICC could make its own significant contribution in the prosecution of serious international crimes in such a way that it could handle a speedier court proceeding, as it only handles special legal cases which are that of serious international criminal acts.

Lastly, the International Criminal Court or the ICC could significantly contribute in the process of prosecution of international crimes through a fair and reliable handling of legal cases, as it is and remains to be an international independent legal court with the support of different countries in the world. More so, the ICC could make a difference in delivering justice in the international crime scene through its credibility and equality as an independent legal entity that represents both the ordinary and powerful people in different countries and states around the globe.

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