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International Cooking Day

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Responsibility for all inconsistencies and errors falls on the shoulders of the manager, so he has to have a wide range of knowledge and skills, be stress-resistant, resourceful, entrepreneurial and be able to make decisions quickly, and if necessary, replace the missing person or eliminate the breakdown. In addition, the profession requires logical thinking, a penchant for mathematics, because it is necessary to carry out calculations of costs and budget, sociability and teamwork skills. Organization of this event, International Cooking day, is a great opportunity to us getting an indispensable experience of preparing and realization of events.

Undoubtedly this knowledge will be very useful for our future career because we will know how to put our theoretical knowledge into practice.

International Cooking Day is very popular in WSB-NLU. This event is held every year and every time attracts an increasing audience. Residents of the city, especially students and children, really like to attend such event, because it is here where people can find out a lot of interesting and useful information and also eat well.

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International Cooking Day is organized as a fair with free tasting meals. The main idea of this evet is presentation of various nationalities and countries, their culture and traditions, tasting dishes of these nationalities, as well as raising funds through donations for the treatment of seriously ill people. International events of this kind are by far the most effective method of intercultural communication that contributes to the economic and cultural development of various countries. In addition, a good opportunity to raise funds for treatment for children who need help.

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Event Overview Current Year International Cooking Day is a wonderful platform uniting different nations, but similar in one thing — the ability to elegantly set the table. As WSB-NLU has a lot of foreign students who can cook their traditional dishes, the visitors of this event will have a unique opportunity to taste the culinary masterpieces of different countries of the world. Guests will be treated to delicacies and introduced to the gastronomic traditions of nations. This holiday is conceived as an event combining the social and cultural component in the context of the specifics of our multinational and multiconfessional university.

International Cooking Day will be held in the form of a fair with tables of international cousins. Each table will include traditional dishes of specific countries, their flags and near the tables there will be students, who will present their countries and talk about their cousins. The mission of International Cooking Day is to introduce different cultures, their traditions and national cousins to people who live in Nowy SД…cz. In addition, it is also charity event and the propose of it is to support and enhance the quality of life for children of Nowy SД…cz who have serious problems with their health.

Objectives: To present countries and their cousins; To attract people to know more about foreign cultures; To give the opportunity for kids of learning English; To raise money for charity (dishes are free, donations are voluntarily); To integrate foreign students with academic community of WSB-NLU. The event will take place in the 7th of December in WSB-NLU, Nowy SД…cz.

Key Deliverables

Since the start time of the festival is scheduled, we need to call all the guests. Daria and Yana are responsible for the invitations and until November 25 they will notify possible guests about the celebration. The next step is the budget of the event. It depends on the following factors:

  1. The number of tables with traditional food, it is based on vary the cost of food and drinks.
  2. Based on the program of the holiday and the availability and number of competitions, we need to plan spending on prizes and gifts to the winners of these competitions.
  3. Decorating the venue can also affect the budget of the event. Alina and Kamilla are responsible for the finances. Until about 12-13 November, it is necessary to determine the exact number of tables and calculate the approximate cost per table.

As we know, the distribution of responsibilities should choose the leader, who will adjust the course of the holiday and guide it, if necessary, in the right direction. Maria is the Manager of International Cooking Day. The event will also feature musical accompaniment. We will prepare the necessary music in advance. Video shooting of the event can also be organized, it remains to find the camera. Adel is responsible for the video and music. In the role of the photographer will be Angelina, as she has the skills of photographing, for the organization of photography holiday. Elnura, Zhanelya and Yunus are responsible for the scenery. The most important thing is the preparation of the program, starting from the greeting, ending with farewell speeches, it is necessary to think over the plan in detail. All the organizers will participate in the preparation of the program. The program should be drawn up no later than November 18.

Kristina and Xeniya are responsible for the dishes, their tasks include: to make a list of foreign students, to deal with those who will be able to cook the national dishes of their country, to make a list of tables and their national dishes. International Cooking Day has been held at the University many times, developing, bringing together foreign and local students and teachers. It provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of culture. The event aims to attract people living in Nowy SД…cz, including kids and students as target audience and partners.

Stakeholder Involvement and Benefits

  • For event visitors (children, students, teachers, university employees and residents): tasting national dishes, communication, expanding knowledge about the culture of other countries, help in raising funds for treating children.
  • For sponsors and partners: company advertising at the event, good reputation by assistance to needy children, increasing positive media references, strengthening relationships with the university.
  • For event organizers: communication with students and university staff, experience in organizing events, gaining skills for organizing events (responsibility, stress tolerance, teamwork, deadlines etc.)
  • For event participants (preparation of national cousin): presentation of their countries, meeting other students, tasting dishes, help in raising funds for charity, gaining experience in cooking national food
  • For academic community of WSB-NLU: attracting foreign students to participate in university activities, involving the public in charity work, attracting the attention of students to help people, who find themselves in a difficult life situation, cultural development of all participants, assistance in the formation of necessary skills among students for their future job.

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