International Contracts Essay

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International Contracts

The present research endeavours to situate international contracts within the context of international dealings transnational construction parties. It is hoped that the results will show the prevalence of international contracts in the business as well as the role which they play in concluding deals.

Previous research (See Appendix 1) conducted in this field has shown that construction contracts are indeed accomplished between international companies. However, the precise role that international contracts as legal documents have on the relations between a construction company and a foreign client have not been studied before. That is the difference that this present research will make given the nuances which set apart construction contracts from international contracts per se.

Research Methodology
In this research, some of the research questions to be addressed and answered are:

1.      What is the role of international constructs in the finalization of international business deals?

2.      What is the role of international contracts in a globalized industry?

3.      What is the relationship of international laws with the accomplishment of international contracts?

4.      What effect if any do cultural differences introduce to the finalization of international contracts?

5.      How effective are joint ventures in the world market?

These questions will be answered through the collection of data from international contractors through the means of distributing questionnaires (See Appendix 2). The questionnaire answers provide a sufficient view of the business dealings of the research participants.

Because of the specificity of the questionnaire items, the researcher will be able to derive many of the answers to the above-mentioned research questions. Moreover, given the hectic schedules of the research participants, the brief questionnaire will ensure the participation of more companies. This will enlarge the scope of the data gathered.

Since the participants are assured of anonymity when answering, there is an increased likelihood of obtaining reliable answers. Furthermore, the open-ended nature of the questions and the fact that the personal corporate details of the participant companies are not inquired into also support the validity of the responses to be collated. The process is designed to be non-threatening and non-cumbersome to the participant to increase the likelihood of participation.

A qualitative textual analysis of the questionnaire will then be conducted by the researcher. The rating and fixed-choice questions will be tallied while the open-ended questions will be analysed through the codification and categorization of answers given. The manner of coding determines greatly the internal validity and reliability of the findings. The representation of the participants on the other hand determines the external validity. The former concern stresses the importance of academic discipline on the part of the researcher while the latter concern is assured by the number of participants that may be encouraged to join due to the simplicity of the process.

This research is a stand-alone project. Although it may be extended to further understand international contracts, the research questions focused on in this study are already answered by the questionnaire items. Further, the entire goal and purpose of the research has already been addressed by the particular research questions.

Research Participants

In this study construction companies will be approached and contacted for participation in the study. Only construction companies who have dealt with international clients during the last year will be asked to participate. The construction companies to be included are not limited to those found in the researcher’s city of residence to ensure increased generalizability of data. No less than fifteen participant companies will be deemed sufficient for the accomplishment of the survey.

The researcher will contact companies by reaching their representatives by phone, by electronic mail, or other web-based interaction mechanisms that the company might provide. The researcher will utilize company advertisements and websites to draw up a list of potential participants. The personal communication with the companies will provide the researcher with a greater opportunity to inform the companies of the nature of the study.

Initial consent by the companies will be followed by the researcher’s sending of the questionnaire with the attached consent form (See Appendix 4). The questionnaire will also be accompanied with instructions for the answered questionnaire and the accomplished consent form to be sent back to the researcher not later than one week after receipt. Accomplished questionnaires returned without the consent form will not be invalidated as the mere return and completion are badges of consent.

In order to ensure that there is no researcher bias when codifying the responses, the name, position and organization of the respondents will be listed down on a separate sheet along with an assigned questionnaire number to be designated to that particular questionnaire. The name, position and organization of the respondent will then be blotted out so that the researcher is able to codify the responses without being biased by the identity of the respondent or the organization. The master list of names and questionnaire numbers will remain sealed until the final analysis of the results.

To further ensure confidentiality, the questionnaire responses will be made available only to the researcher and to the supervising instructor. Both persons shall use the responses only for the purpose of this present study. Any application of the present results to future studies requires the consent of the participants in the present study.

Research Data and Results

The research results will be recorded through the printing out of any questionnaires submitted via webmail. Those questionnaires that were manually accomplished will serve as records of the answers indicated therein. As has been previously indicated, the name, position and organization of the respondents will be blacked out of the actual forms. The master list containing the names of the respondents will also be altered after the researcher has made a final report of the conclusions of the research.

Upon the conclusion of the research, a new master list will be made and the names of the respondents stricken out from the new list. This master list along with the questionnaires and consent forms duly assigned questionnaire numbers, will be stored in a locker found in the researcher’s private residence. The storage will be secured for a period not less than five years.

Only the researcher and the research supervising instructor will be allowed access to the data. But this access will only be for the purpose of assessing the findings of the present study. Any electronic submissions will be deleted. Finally, ownership of the data and findings will redound to the researcher alone. Any report, reproduction or publication of the findings or any utilization and accessing of the data must therefore be with the consent of the researcher.

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