International Business Opportunities Essay

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International Business Opportunities

Commercial poultry farming is a relatively stable business venture. It involves breeding hens and selling eggs. An entrepreneur can commence this business with little initial capital. It is a tedious business but the returns are worthwhile. The intake of chicken in the globe is rising each year. Foreign markets like China are abounding with potential. The human resource is low-priced there, thus, the expenses of reproducing chicken are fairly little. In addition, the superior technology and apparatus enable the farm to generate high quality of goods.

The business risks involved are disease control (Jomo, 2003). The owner must ensure that the fowl do get infected by any illness. The effects of this are disastrous since the chances of spreading are very high. Another risk is vacillations in market prices (Jomo, 2003). Nevertheless, if the all the factors work in your favor, you can make a lot of profit within a relatively short time. Corn farming can be a gainful commercial undertaking. Corn is a staple food in many parts of the globe.

Ethanol production is an added benefit in this business (McKibben, 2007). The foreign market potential for this business is quite limited. A lot of US corn is genetically modified. There are quite a number of concerns regarding genetically altered foods. Therefore, they are not accepted in the countries they are exported to. This leads to loss of revenue (Fussell, 2004). The decision to plant altered corn or not should be made with objective information needed to make an educated choice.

The safest option for a farmer who intends to export his of her corn is to plant a variety of seed types. The business venture I advice a new company to start is poultry farming in China. The advantages are endless. The Chinese market is huge just in terms of population. The chicken market especially is on the increase. Eggs and chicken are daily commodities, thus, the demand is excessive. This is the more lucrative project between the two.

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