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International Business Essay

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5. Given what you have read, do you think you would like to work for Infosys? Why or why not? Yes, I would like to work for Infosys because I think it is a company that cares not only about its clients but also about its employees. For me it is also very important that a company trainees the employees. Infosys send the selected applicants to a 14 weeks training program. I think that it must be very motivating to take part in this kind of program.

Infosys points out the best qualities of every employee. Also, as Murthy said: “Our respect for our professionals can be summed up by our belief that the market capitalization of Infosys becomes zero after working hours end at 5p.m. no matter what it was during the day…It is our belief that the first duty of a corporation is to uphold respect and dignity for the individual” This vision of the company is very relevant and I think it shows a highly respect for the employees.

I would enjoy working in a company that realize that the employees are a valuable resource.

2) What organizational problems do you think prove troublesome to executives at Infosys? When a company is becoming bigger; maintain untouchable the core values of the companies is becoming more difficult. In this case, the main asset that the company has is its employees. To ensure that they have the necessary skills and they are well trained is more difficult because the company is growing fast. Infosys is becoming less flexible and reacts slower to the changing environment. There is a risk of losing control of the process. The multi national companies are competing strongly to find the best engineering in the world.

The competition is becoming more intense to find the best talent worldwide. Becoming international adds complexity to the art of running a company. Manage human resources from so many countries with so many different cultures is not an easy task. India is a very rich country with a fascinating culture but because this different culture you can feel a cultural shock when you move to India from other country. Other problem is that Indian culture is very reactive; they try to find solutions when a problem appears but the real challenge is to be reactive and find solutions for your customers in advance. In other case study, I analyzed Tata, one of the biggest Indian companies, and Tata has the same problem about proactive-reactive reaction because it is difficult to change the culture of a country.

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