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Internal &External Customers

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Research and Archaeologist: National Maritime Museum provides different types of information on their exhibits, such as history on the buildings. Families: For families the National Maritime Museum provides baby changing rooms and provide sound or video images. Activities such as Science Weekend for all age groups and who are interested in how the earth moves and interested in to see the planetarium show. 12Schools: National Maritime Museum provides conferences, lectures, questionnaires and booklets on the Museum for schools. E. g.

For leisure and travel and tourism they produce videoconference on customer service.

13Disabled: National Maritime Museum provides Wheel Chair, Ramps, Electric Chair and Parking Space for the Disabled customers. 14For Visitors with Visual Disability the National Maritime Museum provides Large-print guide, Braille guide with a list of touchable guide and Tactile plans for three levels of the museum. 15Deaf and hard-of Hearing: The Museum have galleries hoops. Key audio installations, the admission area and the information desk are also looped.

Entertainment/Leisure: National Maritime Museum provides different activities to entertain their customers.

E. g. Elisabeth exhibition and conference Foreign Languages: Maritime Museum Should provides an Interpreter or a guide person for the foreign languages The Museum should provide different types of technology such as tape recorder or touch pad with earphone. 16Special Hire: National Maritime Museum will offer special hire for the customers such as wedding occasions or conferences. 17Organised Groups: National Maritime Museum provides interpreter for the Organised groups.

Coach hire” Customer Service is the sum of total of what the National maritime Museum does to meet customer expectations and produce customer satisfactions.

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” E. g. The teamwork from internal group has to come together to get the work right. One of the examples will be the Elisabeth Exhibitions. The internal customers need to work together because if they worked together they will able to produce better presentation and able to produce better service for the customers, which means the customers will be satisfied and repeat business.

The similarities of Internal and External Customers for the National Maritime Museum are: Satisfaction – Customer Satisfaction is important to Internal and External of the Museum because customer need to be satisfied with the service the Museum provides.  Caring for Customers- Caring for internal and external Customer is important because customer need to be treated with politeness and should able to provide good customer service.

Maintaining Safety- Maintaining Safety is important to an Internal and External for the customer because customer should feel safe and secure in the environment. Meeting Customer Expectations- Meting customer expectation is important to both internal and external of the organisation because the National Maritime Museum should provide what customer expect and provide good service.

Expectation: The expectation for external customer is that they provide with good service and good quality and the expectation for internal is to provide good standard of work. Good Public Image: For External the Public Image is important because the public see what’s going on outside and it’s different to see what’s going inside of the business.  Increase Sales/ Profit/ Customers: It does not matter how you treat customer Internally because it doesn’t affect them.

Job Satisfaction: The Job satisfaction is to do with internally because it’s the way they perform in the job. * Customer Loyalty: Customers loyalty matters for internally because if the organisation is loyalty with the customer then it will lead to a repeat business. * Competitive Edge: Competitive edge matters to internal because they need to know the how they perform with the competitors.

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