Internal and External factors of the British tourism

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Within travel and tourism industry, inbound and domestic tourism factors change a lot, there are Internal and external factors that affect tourism within the UK. The internal factors are; health, safety and security within the UK, accessibility, marketing campaigns, availability of products and services, quality of goods and services and value for money of the UK. The outbound factors are; the exchange rate, travel restrictions, emergence of new markets, competition from other destinations and the weather.


Health, Safety and Security:

The UK has strict rules about health, safety and security so that tourists can be safe and enjoy their stay in the new destination.

The rules are set in place because people act differently when on holidays in new countries or new areas of the UK as they are put in new and different situations.


Accessibility is a factor that will affect the number of tourists that come to and from the UK. When a country makes it easy for tourists to access the country the tourism will increase.

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By creating and developing different modes of transport many more people will visit the UK and domestic tourism will increase. An example of making the UK more accessible is the high speed trains that are currently being built, this means that tourists can tour the country in a shorter period of time as well as making it easier to travel for domestic travellers and giving them the opportunity to stay longer in the cities that in turn creates more profit for the economy.

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Availability of products and services:

The availability of the products and services a country offers are a factor that normally changes during peak periods such as the school holidays in the summer, Easter breaks and Christmas breaks. This makes things like hotel rooms, activities and restaurants harder to book because they are all full. Tourists need to book early to ensure they get to do everything they want to during peak periods.

Quality of goods and services:

Making sure that goods and services are to the right standards of quality is essential when marketing a destination. The UK is known for having a good level of quality when it comes to hotels and restaurants, this is mainly because the organisation VisitBritain has made a decision that they will only market and promote companies that have passed the quality criteria, Having this set in place means that companies will strive to be better so that they can be promoted more and gain more business.

Value for money in the UK:

Getting a good value for money can mean different things, one of the main things is ‘does the money paid match the level of service given’ this means that if the tourists get a great service they will have got a better value of money and therefore they will be more likely to visit again. Another thing this means is if you get a good value for money on one hotel, activity or restaurant they will therefore be able to visit more or different locations.

Marketing campaigns:

Different marketing campaigns will affect what tourists comes to the country. The main organisation that promotes Britain is VisitBritiain, every year they make a new promotional video that shows many different things you can do in Britain, these are showcased worldwide on websites and as television adverts. Britain invest and spend a lot of money trying to interest inbound tourist coming over to Britain, they also do this for domestic tourists to encourage them to stay in their country rather than stay abroad. The more marketing campaign a country does, the more chances in promoting their country to potential inbound and domestic tourists because tourists will be interested in seeing the country itself from the marketing images and videos the country produces.


Exchange rate:

The exchange rate will strongly affect who visits the UK as the currency exchange can be bad for some people making them more reluctant to visit. The pound sterling is considered weak for lots of inbound tourists. The UK has a strong pound sterling which is not always positive due to the fact that many counties cannot afford the exchange rate.

Competition from other destinations:

Having a more appeling country will mean that more tourists will visit the country, the competition is high between thee different countries that need tourism. There are many different factors that effect this all that are referenced in this work.

Travel restrictions:

Travel restrictions can affect who comes into the country greatly as there are different restrictions that can stop them entering, there are three restrictions that can stop inbound tourists entering the UK; Security-related restrictions- These include taking the wrong amount of liquids in your hand luggage, all liquids have to be under the allowance of 100ml although there are some exceptions such as baby food and milk although they have to be screened to make sure that they are safe.

All hand luggage has to be screened to make sure that it is safe to go onto the plane. Customs restrictions- The restrictions on customs are the rules about how much alcohol, tobacco and gifts you are able to take into another country. Immigration restrictions- There is no cost to travel to the UK from all countries in the EU making it easier for them to enter, this has led to an increase in inbound tourism from these countries.

Emergence of new markets:

Different countries are now visiting the UK as new people are growing an interest in the culture and lifestyle. Countries in Asia and Africa are the largest growing group of tourists. The UK is very different to the countries that are the new growing market and they therefore are getting the experience of trying a new lifestyle.

The weather:

The weather will affect the inbound tourists as well as domestic tourists, because of the climate in the UK the weather is always changing and therefore it can never be assured that you will have the same weather all day, because of this factor many domestic tourists will choose to travel to countries abroad in hope for sun. This factor does not affect inbound tourists as much as they visit for the heritage and local attractions.

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