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Internal and external data Essay

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The Bowmer and Kirkland human reasources department will collect and use external labour market information for planning in the business.

Unemployment statistics :

The current labour market figures show that in the east midlands current unemployment is only 4.1%, this means Bowmer and Kirkland may have difficulty finding people to employ as so many already have a job. As the higher the unemployment rate the more people there will be for Bowmer and Kirkland to employ.The unemployment rate of the east midlands is 1% lower than that of the whole UK. In Derbyshire alone the unemployment rates are paticually low and numbers are still falling.

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Although rates are low, GDP per head still lags behind the UK and European averages, skill levels and productivity in manufacturing are also below average. 31.6% of people working in east midlands have no qualifications compared with 28.9% of England, so when Bowmer and Kirkland need to emply someone it will alot of the time also include the costs of training them up.

So in conclusion the unemployment rates in the east midlands could cause a problem when it comes to Bowmer and Kirkland recruiting staff. For a start there are only 4.1% people avaliable to work, and they have got appreciate that not all that 4.1% will have the knowlage and skills recuired to work at Bowmer and Kirkland. This will result in costing Bowmer and Kirkland alot of time and money, mainly on training. One way of getting round the low unemployment rates would be to take staff they already have and train them up for hiarachy positions. Although this will leave another problem of having to find someone to fill their origional position, so they cant win really.

Employment and Unemployment in the construction industry :

In the last few years turnover has gone up and the ammount of people employed has remained static. The avaliability of contructors in the labour market is a problem to Bowmer and Kirkland as there are not alot of qualified workers out there so most of there employees have the standard ammount of GCSE’s and A-levels. However Bowmer and Kirkland can train people up. The business’ in the local area that Bowmer and Kirkland are compeating for for the same employees are, Thorntons, Denby pottery, Rolls royce, these are the major compaines in this area, but construction companies down to Birmingham also cause competition for workers.

Internal information

The Bowmer and Kirkland human reasources team will also collect and use Internal staffing information for planning in the business.

Labour turnover :

Bowmer and Kirkland measure Labour turnover because they believe it is important to know how many people they need in the business. This also allows them to be able to compare their figures to other industrys and see how they match up.

From the figures they have 20% of people have left the company this year, the main few reasons people are leaving are to branch out and move on, some are only probation periods and dont have their contract renuied, and some could have been sacked or made redundant. Although saying that some of them sometimes come back to the company depending on why they left. If someone is wanting to leave they have to hand in a 4 week or week notice and have the exit interview. Bowmer and Kirkland do this so they can see if there is a trend in why people are leaving, then they may be able to do something about it.

For example … most of the leavers may be from one department, and it may narrow down to the fact they are all finding better paid jobs elsewhere, so then Bowmer and Kirkland can sort out that problem.

Bowmer and Kirkland however see this as a good thing as this means they can bring in new people/staff and they will bring in new ideas to the company. Bowmer and Kirkland on average employ 20 – 25 new starters each month, the majority of them have minimum qualifications and 10% are usually apprentices, however Bowmer and Kirkland will train them up.

Sickness and Accident rates :

Bowmer and Kirkland dont compare their Sickness and Accident rates against the national average. However they compare it internally within the company. They have weekly reports to monitor staff absences and the health and safety department monitor all their staff accidents. Of course if someone is found to be having an unusual ammount of absences they will have to have words with them and see the reason behind this as it would not be good for the company.

Age, Skills and Training :

Bowmer and Kirkland look at their demographic trends. Within the company 92 % of their employees are male and only 8 % female, this is purly because of the concept of he industry, it is more appealing to the male population. Also new training scemes are being used more in Bowmer and Kirkland now so the older generation is being left behind slightly, for example… Modern apprentaships.

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