Interior design history Essay

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Interior design history

The late Dorothy Draper who lived for eighty years was born to the family of Tuckenman in 1889 and died in 1969. She got married to Dr. George Draper in 1912. The family was blessed with kids. Dorothy Draper received no formal primary education. Far back in the middle 60s, Dorothy was credited as an excellent founder of interior design. She was a well respected designer. She used exceptional traditional materials and styles in designing.

In the year 1939, Dorothy, drove by the passion to inspire the world around with the importance and practice of designing, she was an author of many designing books, one laying emphasis to how fun is generated from designing. The book subtitled – “How to Be Your Own Decorator” received wide attentions in the modern works of interior design. Of the Designer Dorothy, the absence of formal education was not a barrier to the vision of exploring the diverse fields of art. She was inspired by the privileged endowment of pleasant natural environment she lived.

A creative task of translating an abstract experience into visible objects for the relish of viewers. Secondly, the reckoning adventure into the designing world was not unconnected to her numerous travelling experience around the cities of Europe. The breakthrough came shortly after her wedding to Dr George Draper when she painstakingly took up the task of decorating their home to taste. The beautiful home received steadfast attentions from their visitors and led to the publicity of her great ability. The Works of Dorothy Draper

Sequel to publicity of her home interior decoration, she was consulting for an architectural company (Owned by Franck L. Wright) who hired her on partnership. She was employed to decorate a gigantic 37 floors Hamphire House, a hotel in Manhatten; she had in historical records decorated cars for Packard Company. For Convair airplane manufacturing company, she also made her contribution therein. She was a specialized interior designer of places like clubs, restaurants, hotels, institutions such as hospitals before her demise thirty-nine years ago.

Though much of her works were not surviving to the modern age, they were however, serving the foundation upon which modern tips were consulted for design finishing. Some of her works are in the monument of Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York City, U. S. A (created by Donald Albrecht). Howard Johnson restaurants all over reflects the commissioning of Dorothy Draper as a color specialist, this is an important aspect in the act of designing/decoration. Recently, starting about two years ago till now the works of Dorothy is under exhibition.

Pictures showing two of her best works exhibited in New York City Museum included that of “the Arrowhead Spring Resorts and the Green Brier Hotel”. In December ’06 to June ’07, the exhibition at a Museum in Dallas also displayed a snapshot of her project in the Stoneliegh Hotel. Dorothy and the History of Design Dorothy Draper, a founder of interior design, recorded an exemplary dealings that any upbringing designer in the field of interior decoration cannot bye pass. A number of books she authored presently speak volume of her passionate contribution to the modern survival of design.

It takes a creative mind to imagine. It takes a brilliant mind to extract the imagination into the reality and express good radiant to every beholder. In addition to her books is “How to be a popular Hostess”. This book emphasizes the fun embedded in the business of entertaining with designs (Varney, 1988, pp235-37). In conclusion, among women of substance all over the world, not reckoning with Dorothy Draper’s contribution in art industry is an unpardonable omission. References Varvey, Carleton.

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