Interior Design Dalisay Essay

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Interior Design Dalisay

My enthusiasm for interior designing has led me to decisions that could haul out and maximize my potential. I took Interior Design in college and branched out to every opportunity that I could grasp to get the best out of me. School was a lot of work as it always is but it was generally rewarding. I joined charity events and volunteered, for instance, on a fundraiser for the local children’s hospital and enjoyed every bit of the work I have imparted to make the carnival theme happen.

Moreover, I have been a part-time employee as a sales representative in my early years for a number of showrooms which provided for me the basics on the knowledge of interior design as well as a significant direct association with the industry. I can attest that my mother once thought I have gone a little beyond the definition of eccentricity for a 15 year-old who single-handedly disarranges our furniture every time I feel like the couch is facing the wrong way. She once exclaimed that she feels as if she’s a nomad for coming home from work to a different-looking living room at least once a week.

I initially concluded that I may have the case of the obsessive-compulsive disorder as I have seen on Oprah once because I feel edgy whenever my mom never fails to pick the wrong wallpaper for my room. It felt that it was a bit off to self-diagnose my so-called “oddness” as a teenager to be a psychological disorder because I knew years after that it is passion. Before stepping up to my senior year, I contemplated on offering my drafting services by posting an ad in the local newspaper as an avenue for me to sharpen my knowledge on CAD, and fortunately I was able to make it happen and thus gave a significant contribution to my knowledge.

My portfolio also got me into an internship in an architectural firm where I had the chance to constantly improve on my drafting designs, modeling and where I had the opportunity to create a wide array of landscape designs and scale models through assisting and exposure. I was also able to put some time to taking a short on-line education with regard to the business of Interior Design where I have learned to identify and analyze client needs and goals, safety requirements, budget limitations and project schedules.

I have chosen to take a graduate study in the field to be able to meet if not surpass the standards that our society needs and requires. To be able to have an opportunity for bigger challenges, I feel that I need to place what I know in a circumstance where I would be more than competent to fulfil the demands of these challenges. Getting the best possible training for the field would grant a bigger chance to explore the twist, turns, and methods of honing both my creativity and success in the business which are two of the most essential things that has to be considered.

As I grow more in the field, I would much prefer to accumulate experience on Commercial Interior Design and apply my strengths on commercial spaces and businesses. I would be most willing to work on absolutely anything whether it be theme parks, hospitals, entertainment works, or banks. Through this I’d be able to showcase my passion in the field to more people. In addition to that, I would be able to serve the public in my own ways through hopefully managing to make them feel better and comfortable with the aesthetics and the meeting of their requirements through the science of interior design.

I would personally like to delve deeper in merging interior design and assisted care for the benefit of the physically handicapped, the senior citizens or similar groups to be able to create a setting that would be maximally beneficial for their interest. In connection with that, I would like to learn more on how to assimilate holistic interior designing for commercial spaces more especially in hospitals or schools and come out with works that are functional, healthy, ergonomic, environment friendly and at the same time stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

If I would ever be given the opportunity to venture on residential interior designing, I see it as something that would be in the same line as I would like my career to go with commercial interior design. With years of experience and recognition that I am hopefully going to accumulate through time, it would be nice to think of myself specializing into designing interiors that would be fitting for families with members having a need for special attention and care. With that in mind, I also would like to be known for carrying out projects that are simultaneously tasteful and stylish.

At this moment, I would be delighted to try almost anything that the interior design world has to offer if I would fortunately be given the chance. From commercial to residential, architecture, publishing industry for shelter magazines or almost anything that has to do with this venture. The reason for this is my craving to substantiate my knowledge as much as I could so that I could establish a very well rounded and firm foundation for the discipline. Eventually, I could utilize everything that I learn and hopefully stumble into a breakthrough that could contribute greatly to the industry.

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