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Interesting Topics For Your Medical Argumentative Essay

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Why Should You Choose A Good Argumentative Essay Topic on Medicine?

Nowadays medicine is a very hot and controversial topic. Scientific medicine and alternative medicine proponents clash over potentially life-threatening issues. Since these topics do have far-reaching repercussions, choosing one of them will provide you with ample opportunity to impress your tutor with your willingness to take on divisive issues. Needless to say, when discussing essay topics about medicine and medical practices, you will also need to be extra careful, as modern medicine often advances very rapidly, outdating some data from time to time.

We have presented many different argumentative essay topic ideas about medicine below which will guide you towards the perfect essay.

57 Medical Argumentative Paper Topics

Medical Research Topics:

  1. Can antibiotic resistance be reduced?
  2. How can the dangers of medical research be mitigated?
  3. How efficient are artificial tissues and organs?
  4. How ethical and moral is medical research to stop aging?
  5. If one research field was able to provide a solution to one healthcare issue, which one should it be?
  6. Is it ethical to use animals to be used to test drugs?
  7. Should cloning research be allowed, and to what extent?
  8. Should computers replace doctors completely?
  9. Should doctors receive engineering training to create better prosthetics?
  10. Should funding be diverted towards health issues with lethal results rather than non-lethal issues?
  11. Should genetic engineering research be allowed, and to what extent?
  12. Should research be made for direct intervention on the brain for cognitive disorders?
  13. Should the results of unethical experiments be used to save others?
  14. What limits to medical tests on humans should there be?
  15. Which one should take priority in funding, research projects that provide direct and immediate results, or theoretical projects that provide long term results?
  16. Medical Essay Topics for Health Issues Are people misguided to distrust modern medicine by those who wish only to profit?
  17. Are yearly general examinations enough or should they be made more often?
  18. Can exercising make your health worse?
  19. Do anti-inoculation campaigns also cause secondary health issues by weakening the herd in general?
  20. Does alcohol restriction help in preventing teen alcohol addiction?
  21. If abortion is banned, will it reduce its practice, or merely run it underground?
  22. Is the right to refuse treatment ethical?
  23. Should birth control pills be prescription only?
  24. Should cancer patients be informed about the less effective but gentler alternatives to chemotherapy?
  25. Should natural medications replace chemical ones?
  26. Should smoking in public be banned altogether?
  27. Should the resources used for plastic surgeries be relocated to other health issues?
  28. Should vaccination against common diseases be mandatory?
  29. Should web sources that advertise dangerous diets or non-scientific medical practices be censured?
  30. To what extent should healthcare services be free? What About Policies
  31. Does religion have any place in medical legislation?
  32. Is it ethical to use organs harvested from unwilling donors?
  33.  Is it safe to legalize alternative treatments and allow them to be practiced only after patients are informed?
  34. Is it wise to have people who are not actual doctors to decide on medical legislation at any point?
  35. Is obesity a personal issue or a public health issue?
  36. Should a doctor provide medical care to a minor against their parent’s wishes?
  37. Should ads for cosmetic surgery be banned?
  38. Should age be taken into account in deciding organ transplants?
  39. Should drugs be decriminalized and their distribution controlled by medical personnel?
  40. Should euthanasia be made legal?
  41. Should non-scientific cures like homeopathic medicines be criminalized?
  42. Should organ transplantation be refused people who live an unhealthy lifestyle?
  43. Should people with mental health issues be isolated from their communities during treatment?
  44. Which birth control practices should be given to teens?
  45. Which religious edicts should be used for medical legislation? Bonus 12 Interesting Topics
  46. Can asthma be solved by improving air quality?
  47. Can blood donations be made mandatory?
  48. Does easy access to medical information via the internet provide a good result, as self-diagnosing can be dangerous?
  49. Is food allergy a disease?
  50. Is it ethical to use fetal tissue in research, when it can help with Alzheimer’s disease?.

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  51. Is it okay for the state to regulate social media use to prevent its negative impact on mental health?
  52. Should all war veterans be granted free healthcare?
  53. Should sperm donors always be unidentified or not?
  54. Should surrogate pregnancy be used only due to health reasons?
  55. Should terminal patients freely rely on a hospital hospice program?
  56. Should a healthy lifestyle be enforced before benefitting from insurance?
  57. Should tobacco ads be banned in general?

Before Writing An Argumentative Essay On Medical Issues

  • Create a list of potential topics. Medicine has many broad subjects that require narrowing.
  • Write down a title, as finding the correct title will aid you in preparing the essay.
  • Collect ideas. Check a variety of sources, including scientific papers, government reports, and scholarly articles, and newspaper articles. Make a list of points from these.
  • Prepare an outline. For argumentative essays usually, an introduction, two points supporting your position, one point against it, a rebuttal, and a conclusion are included.
  • Organize the points in a sequence. Check the list of points and see which ones fit into the outline nicely.

An essay prepared with these tips will be interesting to read and more likely to earn your tutor’s approval and grades.

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