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Four factors affect a product’s quality and the profit it could make. These include market introduction date, product unit cost, development project cost, and product performance. These factors are all linked and interdependent to each other. For this paper, a product that is not optimally designed is taken as an example. The market introduction date is related to the speed of a product’s development. Fast product development means that relatively little time was spent on product development as compared to a longer development.

This is in turn linked to the product unit cost. For example, a product could cost more to manufacture because as we said earlier, the design was not optimized to lessen the cost of creating that product. The product unit cost is the price required to produce a single product. The product unit cost for our not optimally designed product is related to the development project cost in that the reason a product may not have been optimally designed is that the development project cost was not enough to cover that part of research.

Furthermore, the budget cut for research could have been made because the marketing introduction date was already set. Our product could have also suffered from poor product performance due to design errors. Thus ultimately, product performance is also linked to product unit cost, development project cost, and market introduction date. Thus it is shown that these four factors are linked and interdependent. Changes done in one factor can also deliver changes to the other factors.

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