Intercultural Communication Essay

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Intercultural Communication

There are three cultural memberships that have influenced my life the most. These are the Seneca Korean Student Alumni (SKSA) in Toronto, Canada, my Bible study group from church, and the Lomo photography club where I belong. I believe that these three different sub-cultural groups are very close to the three different sources that we covered in our first class. Starting off, the Seneca Korean Student Alumni (SKSA) from the Seneca College where I graduated major in Marketing, afforded me the experience to interact with a lot of Korean students.

It was there where I learned the values of camaraderie, teamwork and harmonious interaction. After graduating from college, we had to find our own niche and we then transferred to different colleges in the United States or in Canada. We kept in touch, though, as we created an alumni from among ourselves to support other students who would like to transfer to other schools where each of our members were studying. We had hoped that this would be an excellent support system to the newcomers as they grapple with the day-to-day school work.

Moreover, this alumni offers more options such as exchanging news, posting job offers, donating money for international students’ clubs in Seneca college, and having fun during trips together once a while. SKSA seriously relates to our lives in a unique kind of way. Another cultural membership club where I am affiliated with is my Friday night bible study group. I consider this group very important to my well-being especially my spiritual and emotional growth.

It is more important to me than having a party because I prefer to have a deeper reflection of my spiritual life amidst the busyness of my daily life. It affords me to spend time with people who, like me, believe in the goodness of God and how He touches our lives in a special kind of way as we seek Him above all else. I believe God is the center of my life now as I spend quiet moments looking back at what I did for the week. It is refreshing every time I come out of our bible study because we spend time learning the word of God in study and applying these Godly principles in our daily lives.

Whenever I open my life’s struggles to my study group members, I am edified and strengthened by the sharing and their life’s testimonies, too. I find that my life becomes peaceful and easier than I expected every time I come out of our Bible study group. It is entirely different from the way it was then when I would go to church just to comply with my parents’ wishes. Now, I get to voluntarily do it, even with utmost enthusiasm, emerging re-energized and fulfilled in the process.

I did not pray much then but now I realize that I need to commune with God more often through the study of His word, together with other believers. This I do aside from the regular Sunday church where I fellowship with a bigger community of believers. I find that I can open my life, with all its weaknesses and secrets to an almighty God who would console me in everything. Lastly, the LOMO photography club which is based on an Internet website club is my favorite place and where I had been a member for the past three years now. I could spend hours all day long just surfing the website.

I am able to talk to many people and we exchange information about practically anything under the sun such as our cameras or photo shooting skills. Sometimes we get to meet each other face-to-face if we live in same region. Moreover, we can upload our pictures and other members can give us some of their feedbacks. Personally, I love to take pictures not just using digital cameras, but this LOMO camera which is different from other cameras. It requires special skills such as a certain amount of light and exposure of time as I press the button.

This club has given me the right photography skills and knowledge. I get to share my ideas and learn from others at the same time. This website shows my personality and it is totally a part of my own culture now. All these three different cultural memberships have influenced my life so much better than in my life in the past. I am here alone and I need to build up my own subcultures that can influence my life to the best and make me happier. These three different cultures represent who I am in relation to the world where I belong right now.

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