Interaction with teacher Essay

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Interaction with teacher

It was all what I wanted. It was what I dreamt of long before. But it was all taken for granted by the people around me. I was always the top student among all the six graders in our school, and due to that I am one of those whom they regards as their priceless gem because I always come up with something, like a new idea about a certain issue. I have been one of those sent for if there are contests. They say I act and think like an adult already. Not like any other regular students, I also happen to excel in sports and other curricular activities.

I am also a runner. I have always been running on track since I was in grade three. I exerted much effort in it because it is my passion. Day after day I spend time in training and being exposed to tracks to win in future races but i never forget to maintain my good grades in my academics. In class, I have this very close teacher in Math. I also love Math at that time that is why I also like my teacher. It so happened that my Math teacher also happens to be our classroom adviser.

Sometimes, after classes and I do not have any practice in the track, we always have chitchats and she would always advise me to pursue whatever dreams I have in mind and never to forget to remember the people around me that had help me in achieving things in life. She also told me not to be sidetracked and still give importance with my studies because that is the most important achievement in life. There were difficult times during my training but I still managed to persevere because I have a goal and that is to win. I never thought of quitting the training even how tired it gets.

I continued to pursue my dreams and visions that one day I will reap my reward in due time if I will not fail and go frail. I can say that I am very determine and aggressive to reach my dreams that time. I think I just deserve every victory I get as i go along with my chosen path because of the diligence that I have manifested. Time came when I joined a race. Every people would know me would say that I have great chances of winning the first place because of my hard trainings and my trained skills. The event came and I was all set out to win the race but to my surprise, my coach talked to me in private and asked me not to win the first prize.

I can be in second place or third place as long as I won’t be the champion. I was so devastated upon hearing this coming from my coach, my mentor, the one who served as my model. I wouldn’t know what to do. I was so troubled and kept thinking whether to agree and follow my coach or to go on the different way and achieve my dreams. It was the most difficult part of my life, to choose something that no one would be hurt. My conscience, my will to win and my loyalty to my coach we’re all fighting. What would I choose then? The event proper came, and the race started.

I was on track and was leading. Many of my friends and families were all cheering for me. This made me more determined to go on faster and faster. The finish line is almost near when I remembered what my coach told me. My heart was beating as I saw the finish line. For the finish line would mean victory and success but for now, it meant devastation and tragedy for me. A few seconds before I reached the finish line I slowed down, giving the others opportunity to win. When I slowed down I noticed one girl who was always at my back during the track was now leading the race.

Finally, the girl made it to the first place while I was the second placer. All my friends, families and relatives were all dismayed by what happened. They all expected that I would win the race. I was down and weary, to the point that it already affected my performance in school. I felt so ashamed and so coward for not fighting what is right. I have low self- esteem for quite some time and my grades got lower and lower. Then one Thursday afternoon, my Math teacher and classroom adviser called my attention. She and I talked in her office. I knew she was going to reprimand me for my poor performances at school.

Well, at the back of my mind that time it was alright if she will reprimand me because I just deserve it. But to my surprise I was wrong, totally wrong. The moment I entered the room she smiled at me. Smile? Why would she smile to someone who is a loser? Then she offered me a seat. During those moments I am still very clueless on what would happen as we talk. Then she asked me if I am alright, so I said yes but I said it tears just fell on my eyes. She told me to be true to myself and whatever I feel I should share and let it out. So, I expressed my frustrations and everything that happened in the race.

She told me that she understand why I was having low performances at school the past few weeks. But my life should not stop there. She told me that I am still very young and that many opportunities would still knock on my door and if that happens I should grab it immediately. She told me that everything happens for a reason and for a purpose that is to shape and mould us to become a much better person than what we are. She told me that my life should not end there because there is still so much in store for me in the future. Stubborn as I am, I told her that I do not want the future, what I want is now.

She then answered me that I should live one day at a time and take one step at a time. With her words of wisdom, I was cheered. It really matters if you talk with someone who has a lot to say about life, like my teacher. I could not imagine that she would help me out because all along, I thought she was just a Math teacher, nothing more, but it was proven wrong. My teacher really touched my heart and transformed my life. After that talk, I started again and now with a positive outlook in life that no matter how I fall I should make a choice to rise up again.

That was how I think even though I was just in sixth grade that time. Later it was found out that the father of the girl, who was the champion, paid my coach so that I won’t win at all. Imagine, all along my opponent knew that I was really something. They knew that I can really win the race that is why they were all threatened by my victory. I was a threat to everyone who was in the race that eventually made the father of the other girl bribe my coach to destroy my vision, my goals. But no matter how they put me down, the truth came out and it was on my side.

Success, winning and victory are not about running a race after all. It is more of having a clear conscience that you made it that far because you never cheated, hurt anyone and stepped on other’s shoes for you own gain. I thank my teacher for the words of wisdom she has shared to me during the lowest point in my life. Teachers really do make a difference in this world. They are not just there to teach you academically but they are always there to support you and mould your being for you to become a better individual that every society dreams of having especially in this cruel world right now.

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