Interaction with Supervisor and Co-workers

Md. Abu Rayhan was the first person with whom I interact for the first in Super Star Group.

He was my senior Manager in the supply chain management department. He was also the same person who conducted my interview in Segun Bagicha, Ramna branch. He was shown to my desk, and introduce with the other five more interns who were working with me under this department. After some time, I got the chance to meet Md. Mahabub Hossain, who was the head of supply chain management who taught me some of the basics information of the background of the Super Star Group.

The hierarchy and culture of Super Star Group very well maintained. From the first in getting to know my colleague. I started talking with my colleague, and it shattered some of my expectations regarding the company’s environment and its people. At that time, I realized that the environment would be very formal and dull; however, the atmosphere turned out to be a friendly environment.

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I was very impressed to see that in the office everybody was treated equally regardless of his or her designations. I also got to know about Md. Abu Rayhan, who was the branch manager, and he even my internship supervisor. When I face some problem at work, he always solves that very easily, and he was also a friendly person. I met with a few people who helped me a lot to do my work. For these persons, my internship went very smoothly. Md. Abu Rayhan, who was the branch manager and my internship supervisor, helped me very much. There were some more people who helped me during this period. They were Mr. Johir, Mr. Anis, and Mr. Saif, who was also working with me in the supply chain management department.

Super Star Group Business units

The Super Star Group has a total of 9 different companies. They are:

  1. Super Star Electronics Limited
  2. Super Star Electronics Accessories Limited
  3. Super Star Solar/Renewable Energy
  4. Super Star Supreme
  5. I. R. Bulb Company Limited
  6. Super Star Fan Limited
  7. Super Star Distribution
  8. Super Star Paper Limited
  9. Super Star Engineering

Super Star Group Products

Superstar Professional light

Super Star Group produce many products; their first product is the lighting. SSG create different types of light, such as Super Star LED. Super Star LED have different categories, and they are: LED prime, LED Lux, Mega Lux, Smart Lux, Pane Lux, Color Lux, T- shape LED, Tube LED, Apple LED, ECO Mega LW, Breaket LED Tube, Emergency LED Tub, Flood LED, Street LED, High Bay LED, law Bay LED, panel LED 2* 2 feet, color LED. Professional lighting are also including lighting categories. Such as office lighting industrial luminaires, street lighting, Area lighting, Earth Embedded lighting, Ganden lighting LED lighting, Explosion Proof Lighting.

SSG Properties

The Second product is Super Star properties. Super Star group have work on many big projects. SSG properties are classified into two parts, Residential project, and ongoing project. The Residential Project is the completed projects of SSG. Some of the projects are Miracle Valley, SSG, Endymion, SSG Miraloy, SSG Ri Vinik Rez Robi, Sonargaon Bhaban, SSG Nafiz castle, Chowdhury Manjil, etc. SSG group are working on some of the projects which are known as ongoing projects of them. The current projects are Sunaiyas. Memento, SSG Taziz Villa, SSG FA, Tower, Reporters Den, SSG Aqua, SSG Dowla, SSG chayaneen SSG Chayanemm.

Super Star Fan

Then comes the third product of SSG, which is Super Star Fan. They create different kinds of Fans such as Ceiling Fan, pedestal fan, Table Fan, Wall Fan, Magic Fan, Rechargeable Pedestal Fan, and Exhaust Fan.

SSG Accessories

The fourth product of SSG is the Accessories products of the company, which are Gang switch and socket, piano switch and socket, travel Adapter, Extension. Socket Explore, Red switch, ceiling Rose, holder plug, Mounting Box and tester.

SSG Engineering

And the fifth product of SSG are Engineering products, which are distribution Transformer, HT switchgear. Lt Switchgear, cable tray, Bus Bar trunking system. (BBT).

Superstar Solar

The sixth product of Super Star Group is solar projects. SSG works on many different solar projects, such as 10.2k wp Hybrid system, 20.4k wp solar Irrigation Pump 21k wp solar changing station, 21k wp solar charging station, 50.4 wp grid-tied system, 241 and 68 k wp solar Mini-grid. Their solar products are Dc color TV, solar D. light, Dc Fan, Dc LED light pico solar Home system, PVC Tape, solar Adaptor, Solar Battery, Solar cable, Solar Charge, controller. Solar Mobile Charger, Solar panel, Solar street lighting, Solar switch, Solar water pump.

SSG switch and socket

The seventh product of SSG is SSG switch and socket. They have many different series of switch and socket. The series is like this: Lotus series, Rose series, Safe series, Slim series, edor slim series, Brush Gold Series, premium white series and Textured white series.

Supply chain management of Super Star Group

Supply chain departments of Super Star Group Work LC and Document related Work. SSG uses some of the legal terms in international trade like CFR, CIP, FCA, DAT, CPT, and FBO. However, they mostly use these three terms FOB, CFR, and CPT in their business. They include their LC documents are LCAF, Pro forma Invoice, Marine Cover Note, Invoice Value Certified (IVC) and Packaging List (PL) Etc.

To create the LC (Letter of credit) application, the amendment the LC, it means when LC has a problem such as a date, balance, TIN Number, VAT/BIN, IRC at that time, this is used. They have a letter of credit authorization form (LCAF). There are two types of LC one is commercial, and another one is industrial LC. Super Star uses mostly industrial LC as they are the manufacturing industries. They import raw materials from a foreign country (such as China, Japan, India, and Italy) and manufacture in Bangladesh.

The companies recognize the product with their different TIN number, VAT number, BIN number, IRC number, and AREA CODE number. From the companies database, they recognizes the product with their names. For which the employee needs to learn about the numbers. When Super Star Group opens the pro forma invoice paper, LCAF application form create than this number was being used.

Super Star Group import the raw materials of the product from different countries. From Japan, kotec corporation Super Star Group import Super Star Electronics Accessories Ltd. product. In Italy, UniCredit SPA Super Star imports Super Star engineering Ltd. product. From China, Foshan Harvest Electric co. Ltd they import Super Star Fan Limited’s raw materials. In India, SRF limited they import Super Star Electrical Accessories raw materials. In China Roshan Lux mate optoe electronics co. Ltd. In India web fil limited IF Bulb. Raw materials. In China, yanti red to lighting co. Ltd, Gacia Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. are imported in Super Star electronics accessories raw materials. In India krishra joti Pvt. Ltd import by Super Star group, I.R.Bulb raw materials. In china Zhejiang geno electrical co, ltd Super Star import Super Star accessories raw material. Super Star Group also have 3 CNF in chottograme and 1 CNF Benapole Port area. Super Star Group transact into differents types Bank Such as Brace Bank, Dhaka Bank, SJLBL, Prime Bank, Primer Bank Limited, MTBL, Dutch Bangla Bank Etc.

Human Resource Area

There are some of the impacts on the human resources outputs which are categorized as the quality of life, productivity, and readiness for changes:

  1. Workforce planning  – Identifying the needs of human resources, strategies, and philosophies.
  2. Organization / Job design – organizing the job task, arranging the structure of the job process, and individual tasks.
  3. Selection and staffing – selecting the people who meet the job specifications for the specific job positions.
  4. Training and development – Identifying the needs and assessing to develop the key competencies which enable group or individual employee to perform current or future jobs and transfer to the organization.
  5. Organization Development – Assures a healthy intra-cultural and inter-cultural relations in the organization.
  6. Benefits and Services – Assures the compensation and benefits fairness.
  7. Personnel Research and Information System – Assures a workforce information base.

Employee compensation and number of employees

Super Star Group have approximately 10 thousand employees together in office and factories. There are 168 employees and 5 administration employees in CFL factory who are working daily. Every day their employees are producing around 8000 CFL bulb. It is not fixed; it varies sometimes.

Functions of operations covered by HR

Onboarding: HR personnel has to collect necessary documents from the candidates when they join the company. The authorized authority issued the appointment letter, and the new employee needs to sign in the copy of that as a token of acceptance of all terms and conditions of employment. So that all the formalities and paperwork complete. HR will also be responsible for the Orientation program.

Maintaining personal database: Assigned HR personnel of rewards team will manage this database to keep a record of the employee.

Employee benefits and services

These are one of the most fundamental issues while comprising the total rewards program of SSG. Super Star Group have a stable compensation structure than any other corporate company of Bangladesh. They regularly take relevant information by doing surveys. They practiced in the local and international level. The benefits and services of the employee are comprised of the following attributes.

  • Leave travel assistance: It is an annual allowance and provided only for regional work visit purpose.
  • Sales incentives: It is a performance-based reward given to the Sales Personnel.
  • Bonus: This depends on the performance. It is decided based on the yearly performance at the company.
  • Group insurance, Gratuity fund, and Provident fund: The fund is given to the employee int the base of the company policy.
  • Discounted SSG products: Super Star Group provide some of the facilitates to their permanent employee. Like, they give some discount to their staff sales shop on the available SSG products.
  • Personal loan: Based on company policy, employee get a personal loan.
  • Medical Scheme: Each month, Super Star Group issue some facilitates up to BDT. 45000, according to the medical plan for their employees. This scheme is not for the blue-collar employee.
  • Leave: For the field employees, Super Star Group are flexible with the sick leave, but also they give annual leave for 24 days and 20 days for Head office employees and 15days for medical leaves. Before they leave, they need to get acceptance from the HR department by filling a form. If someone suddenly become sick, then they can fill the form after recovery. They don’t cut off any salary for this kind of leave. And also they can use all of the government holidays.?

Recruitment & Selection Process

There are some process to complete the recruitment and selection process:

  1. Recruitment Requisition and Approval
  2. Job Announcement
  3. Interview and Assessment
  4. Final Selection
  5. Job Offer
  6. Joining

Internal Recruitment

In this process, the company tries to fill the vacant position with its existing employee. First, they find out is there any existing employee who is fit for those positions. For the higher post, they also do succession planning. Initially, they try to fill the position with their particular company’s employees.

External recruitment channel

When Super Star Group doesn’t find any eligible candidates internally for the vacant position, they look for externally. They try to recruit fresh graduates. Super Star Group follow eight ways for external recruitment. Those are

  1. Employee referrals
  2. Advertising
  3. Educational institutions & Professional associates

Employee referrals

Super Star Group follow the employee referrals procedures for recruiting lower level workers. In this process, the existing employees refer to the candidate’s name, and then the candidates are sent for the interview.


Super Star Group publish an advertisement in the English and Bengali Newspapers, on their websites and other job offering related websites like, LinkedIn.

Educational institutions & Professional associates

Super Star Group take candidates from universities across the world. They hire employees who are the potential graduates of the universities.

SWOT Analysis – SSG vs. Market

The SWOT analysis gives an idea of the organization’s internal strength and weakness and external opportunities and threats. By SWOT analyzing the organizations know how to compete with their existing competitors in the future. SWOT analysis is essential, and it also helps the organization to set the strategic analysis of the organization.


  • In chosen markets, they can dominate the market positions.
  • They can franchise the customer
  • They can have a strong regional focus
  • Diversity of the product.
  • They have experienced and efficient management team.
  • They have well facilities with excellent infrastructure.
  • They have a good company reputation and goodwill.
  • They have a unique internal capital generation in sound profitability.
  • They have a more extensive corporate client base.


  • They have minimal headroom for growth in top names
  • They have lack of up-country reach
  • They have turnover and long term people issues
  • They have very moderate market share.
  • They have lack of full-scale automation.


  • Untapped Middle Market
  • Acquisition of Corporate clients
  • Economic growth of Bangladesh.
  • Countrywide network
  • Scope of market penetration through diversified products.
  • Government’s policy of encouraging export.
  • Regulatory environment favoring privet sector development.
  • Increasing the purchasing power of people.
  • Increasing trend in international business.


  • Aggressive competition from Int. & local conglomerates.
  • Political volatility & regulatory impediments
  • Loss of people to competition
  • Increasing competition for market share in the industry.
  • Frequent changes in industrial rules by the Government.
  • National and global political unrest.


  1. Super Star Group should modify their salary structure and other benefits and services according to the market standard to attract the talents from the market.
  2. The company should arrange a conference to give information to the employees.
  3. They should produce some more innovative products in the future.
  4. They should provide more advertisements so that everyone knows about them.
  5. They can hire more efficient employees in all their departments to perform more quickly.
  6. They should send their employee for training and development and evaluate their performance.
  7. The HR department should forecast before planning.
  8. They need to build an assessment center for fair and effective recruitment policy.
  9. In the HR department, they should hire more workforce.
  10. They can also provide a long time guarantee and warranty to their products.


The overall practice of the supply chain management department was discussed after completing the report. I can say that human resource is essential to gain competitive advantages over other competing companies. The organization can achieve competitive advantages only when they have highly motivated and skilled employees. The management should practice effective and efficient human resource department to fulfill their vision, mission, and core objectives by hiring more workforce with more confidence and knowledge and skills.

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