Inter-personal skills Essay

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Inter-personal skills

Kaiser’s main problem is the lack of sufficient supervision of teams. In order to better the system, they need to address the problems involving all their cross-functional teams. With a large number of patients dying due to pneumonia and post-kidney problems, the focus needs to be on creating teams, of a suitable team size, who are given sufficient decision-making power based on their leadership abilities and inter-personal skills.

They should take the help of patient-centered teams to help them out and streamline the process of healthcare to improve the efficiency of the system. The goal is not to increase the performance of the team and the individual players who work at their hospitals. The main goal has to be reducing the chances of infection and improve the functioning of the hospital to ensure the patients are given the best possible care and support that the healthcare system can provide them. The members need to develop inter-personal skills that will help them work together as a team.

Their problem is not a sufficient lack of knowledge, but their problem is not being responsible enough for the decisions they make. Every employee is a part of a cross-functional team and they need to emerge as leaders as and when the situation asks for it. For now, their priority is to reduce the number of patient deaths in their network of hospitals. The choice of answers below clearly supports my rationale and perspective of the case study in question as part of this assignment.

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