intelligent traffic management system





A smart city is an urban development which vision is to integrate Internet of things (IoT), Information, and Communication Technology (ICT) activities in a manner to work on city and people’s enhancement.


Urban mobility refers to the efficient movement of people and goods, through efficient, environmentally sound, safe and affordable transportation that contributes to improving social equity, public health, resilience of cities and productivity.

Goals of urban mobility are equal access to transportation services for all, increase economy and reduce environmental impacts in a city.

To achieve these goals government is working on policies and investments to increase awareness. They implement strategies, which have aim to reduce private vehicles, reduce traffic congestion, smart parking, intelligent traffic management system and integrated multi-modal transport.


There are many issues for smart cities. One of main reason is rapid growth of population. People are currently preferred to live in urban area rather than rural area.

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It led to many challenges such as socio-economic challenges, traffic, congestion, environmental pollution, public transport services, traffic management system, parking problems.

For urban mobility, focus is transport related components. In cities, number of private vehicles raised it directly effects on traffic flow of city. People are using more private vehicles compare to public transport. Due to this, the citizen faced traffic congestion problem. It affects on daily life of people. Traffic is increase in every cities but metro cities are affecting more. There are other problems raised by traffic is insufficient capacity of roads, traffic signal problems, lack of information about traffic, uneven demand and supply, inefficient transport management and disorganized traffic management system.

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The public transport services regarding problems in cities are lack of information, Lack of passenger information, Poor information on route, Unified system, condition of services is not good. Therefore, these can be reason for people to use private vehicle. This can be reason for people not to use public transport. Therefore, Government has to provide solution for that. Government make rules, regulations, and management system to control it better.

Traffic management system is a way to distribute traffic and make sufficient capacity of roads. To avoid traffic related problems there is a need to optimize the traffic control system and traveler information.

Traveler information includes,

· City traffic scenario

· Traffic regulations and policies

· Emergency warning


Traffic Management System is one of the many domains of a Smart City. It is an area of work, which has answers to many current day problems pertaining to traffic management of smart cities. Intelligent traffic management systems are a cost-effective way to increase the efficiency of a road network.

In today’s times, intelligent traffic management has become one of the core concerns for an urban city. The increase in number vehicle is a reason for that. From developing infrastructure, we can solve traffic management little but it would be costly and time consuming. Nowadays in the world, this problem is solved by developing intelligent traffic management system and use of ICT technologies.

The recent advancements in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and low-cost low power consuming sensors creates efficient management for an intelligent traffic management system.

In the world cities such Netherlands, North Rhine Westphalia, Berlin, Miami-Dade, Michigan, Copenhagen where best practices of intelligent traffic management system are going on. We can learned from that and apply in our country.

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