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Intelligence quotient Essay

Essay Topic:

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I hope that a title of this paper makes clear that it really has two part, the first one includes definition, the history of nature and nurture, second part includes some k? nd of example and effect on education and summarize the subject what we learn in the end. This issue includes some individual differences in intelligence such as moral, political, ethical, educational, physiological …etc. these are named some of them, the main problem is that “how differences in intelligence come about between individuals and groups? And second question should be on education system, how we have to develop student’s intelligence?

As we know, in looking for the causes of individual differences in intelligence, a major issue is the relative contribution of genetics and environment.

The environment is the one of most effective part of intelligence, think about childhood, during this period, children have some kind of problem, as an example; the children are socialized, while they are playing a game in the street, they can easily get some bad words or any kind of action from environment or from friend.

Again, media also important factor on the child, they can easily get some words from cartoons f? lms.

Now, let me explain briefly from the beginning as historically or psychologically the nature and nurture. Historically there are a lot of examples, some them we can summarize: For example, in the late 1800’s in the UK, as Darwinism took off, the role of genetically determined capability was considered very important. On the contrary, there is an example; to the 1960’s in the USA, when views were more in favor a “tabula rasa” view of human intelligence – in other words, all people are capable of much more, if given conducive environmental conditions in which to reach their potential.

In the 1850, nature and nurture was started as a scientific by Mendel and Darwin, continually Francis Galton contributed one step further. Nowadays, still there is an argument about nature and nurture, there is no solution yet, but mostly people believe that it is an inheritance, but there is complex situation in here, like there are some smart people in the World and others are foolish. This is not good way to judge, there are a lot of students who are studying hard and become successful day by day. Additionally intelligence or evaluation it must select according to students socioeconomic class.

If a person is poor or bad accommodation, IQ should be like: 1. Low parental IQ 2. Lower parental education 3. Minimal financial resources Most of studies have shown that schooling and intelligence influence each other. Higher intelligence tends to lead to prolonged schooling and longer schooling leads to higher IQ. I am going to tell you something the nature, nurture debate. The question of whether differences in people’s personalities, talents, intelligence, physical qualities, athletic abilities, and behavior reflect genetic differences or differences in the ways in which the person has been brought up is an absorbing question.

The two explanations for how humans develop their behavior are nature and nurture. one of them genes and other one is environment . The basis of nature is the principle that people have their personalities engraved inside their genes, which are inherited by their parents. The basis of nurture is that environment plays a big role in the development of a person’s personality. Both environment and nature have an influence on a person’s behavior. All the evidence shown up to this day has not concluded that either one nature or nurture is the exclusive reason for why one behaves the way they do, but I’m going to give two important factors.

Firstly, it has been discovered that the environment accounts for the dominant part of most traits, variations. For example, there are identical twins which have almost the same genes. They were separated to two families after birth, a poor family in village and a wealthy family in city. When they grew up, the one in wealthy family is strong, extroverted and well educated. By contrast, the other was thin, introverted and nearly illiterate. The parental support and education become major influences of their personality development.

This fact well demonstrates the importance of nurturing. Secondly, a genetic ability cannot be activated without exposing to a certain environment. For example, a musician’s son has a genetic musical ability, but he will never be a musician without the environment to promote the development of that ability such as the element teaching of rhythm and instruments. Abilities coming from birth, but sometimes we are trying to learn more things from environment lately, this is not ability, a kind of person’s success.

So what have we learned about intelligence: that it is difficult to define, but that there is SOMETHING we call intelligence that appears to relate to ability to reason abstractly, to learn and to adapt. That we can measure some part of it, although poorly; that it is partially caused by genetics, partially be environment; that the real causes are the complex, not well understood interplay between genetics and environment; that it is somewhat though not greatly modifiable; that sometimes what we learn from tests is used inappropriately but that IQ tests can be useful in helping children attain their potential. KADEM PELEN.

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