Intelligence Led Policing Essay

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Intelligence Led Policing

ILP is a police strategy aimed at curbing crime by use of intelligence information and appropriate deployment of resources. It can be considered objective because of its effectiveness in collection and analysis of criminal and social data. It is aimed at reduction, prevention and disruption of criminal activities through the use of effective enforcement and strategic management policies that target criminals. It analyzes the environment, influences management and executes the desired impact on crime.

It works on a concept of “all crime, all hazard” which if implemented properly can help deal with common crimes, terrorism and natural calamities. It functions through the use of the different levels of intelligence which include: tactical intelligence, operational intelligence and strategic intelligence. Tactical intelligence deals with a given need and locality, operational is concerned with identification of criminal trends and other security issues and looks at ways through which they can be addressed and strategic intelligence which deals with future plans for combating crime.

Psychological criminal theory is one of the theories involved. ILP uses this theory to study people’s tendencies which enables them to identify criminals. Learning theory is also incorporated in ILP operations. It helps the officers involved to learn about the criminals’ behaviors and helps them come up with strategies to prevent reoccurrence of this behavior. This theory explains that “behavior is learnt and maintained by its rewards and consequences”. If they can be able to make consequences of criminal behaviors exceed rewards by ensuring heavy penalties for criminals, it may help scare some away and reduce crime rate.

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