Intellectual Property Right

1. Do you think that the international business community is being too lax about the abuse of intellectual property right? Are international companies simply afraid to speak out for fear of jeopardizing access to attractive markets?

In our opinion, the international business community is not being too lax about the abuse of intellectual property right. It is because there is a great incentive to abuse intellectual property rights since it provided legal right to the inventor of the product. Those countries are not neglecting the anti-piracy regulations and any other legal rules related to intellectual property rights but they cannot control the increase of production and distribution of counterfeit products that spread widely especially in Asian nations.

Because of that, local governments of those countries are having difficulty to handle and manage the actual infringement situations.

Actually, it is hard for a country that lax antipiracy rules to fight against the piracy cases since it can damage the business relations with others.

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We do not think that they afraid to speak out for fear of jeopardizing access to attractive markets but it is due the fact that sufficient safeguards and proper actions for piracy have not been taken so far and some areas of law need to be reinforced. Based on many cases regarding piracy, intellectual property laws and regulations are fine but poor enforcement is to blame for high rates of piracy and some nation’s regulatory body allow a counterfeiter to remove an infringing trademark and still sell the substandard goods.

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This proves that some countries take it lightly as they find the situation is common and they have no advantage to against it.

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Intellectual Property Right

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