Intellectual property Essay

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Intellectual property

1. Intellectual property refers to the legal section of an idea. It allows businesses and the owners, innovators and creators to have their work protected and to prevent it from being copied. There are different ways you can protect your intellectual property: copyright, trademarks and patents.

2. It is important to protect your rights to intellectual property as it stops people from stealing or copying the names of your products or brands; your inventions; the design or look of your products; things you write, make or produce.

3. Three ways intellectual property can be protected is by patents; copyrights and trademarks.

4. 10% of products in worldwide circulation are fakes.

5. A business can protect their name or names of a products by registering them as a trade mark. This then means other businesses are then not allowed in law to use that trademark name. Trade mark protection can also be applied to signs; symbols; logos; words; sounds or music. Copyright is the legal ownership of material such as books music and films which prevents these being copied from others. A patent is the right of ownership of an invention or process granted by government for a fixed period of time to the individual or business which registers the original invention or process.

6. In my opinion I think that Mattel has the rights over the Bratz dolls. The reasoning behind this is that Mattel is the original individual to come up with the idea of dolls. Seeing the success of what Mattel has created through the Barbie doll; Mattel copied him in ought to follow successful routes of which he did. Without working for Mattel, Bryant wouldn’t of been able to come up with the idea which reveals how in fact he did actually copy him but changed the designs slightly. With Bryant also using Barbie doll parts in order to create the Bratz dolls show every intention of copying the Barbie design with a slight edge.

7. Dyson took hoover to court for infringing its patent for the dyson dual cyclone vacuum cleaner. Dyson accepted $4 million damages offer from hoover.

8. I think that eBay should try to prevent counterfeit products however it is not necessarily their fault if people are claiming them to be real; it’s the people who are lying. In order to prevent counterfeit items I think eBay should make a stricter routine in order to sell products which could be fakes. With people selling fake products such as Louis Vuitton bags it not only effects the people who are purchasing them to think they are real but also the original company who are making a substantial loss of money due to this situation. Louis Vuitton would of lost money as people would be purchasing these items which to them are real; but over eBay. eBay shouldn’t be fully reliable for all publish advertisements as the people actually putting them on is the one causing the crime of copyright.

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