Intellectual Essay Topics

Intellectual and scientific freedom

In the period between 500 CE – 1500 CE, the Western civilization has been constantly changing and evolving, moving towards “modernity,” which is an attribute that it is most commonly associated with today. After centuries of near-stagnation initially, the evolving of Western Civilization quickened drastically during the Age of Renaissance. However, it is the Age… View Article

Current Intellectual Property Rights

They say the internet is best source of information when in reality it translates as the best source of information that can be stolen. Current intellectual property rights laws seem to be just pile of papers under a politician’s secretary’s desk. The irony is that it lacks the capability to respond to violations it was… View Article

Use of IQ and EQ in latter selection and promotion apprach

The aim of this essay is to analyse the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and the Emotional Quotient (EQ), it will also endeavour to assess the Emotion Quotient of potential employees and how organizations have justified in adopting this in the final selection and promotion approach. LITERATURE REVIEW (MAIN BODY) Intelligent Quotient is a score derived from… View Article

Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Rights

Modern Biotechnology and its Applications property as well as the scope of rights with respect to those matters. For example, a proprietor of a house has legal rights to possess, use, modify, destroy, transfer, sell, or rent the house. Various laws and regulations may prohibit the homeowner from painting his house in various colours, operating… View Article