Intel Corporation Essay

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Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation

Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore Founded Intel in 1968. The two scientists had a vision for semiconductor memory products. In the year of 1971, the first microprocessor was shown to the world. Today Intel continues to grow not only in computer technology, but in the scientific areas of chemistry. Intel has reached out and opened doors to the world offering education, inspiration, communication and careers. The article I read is one that reads how Intel is making a better future and touches the lives of many; including a Colorado girl who received $100,000 Intel first prize; Sara Volz is a high school senior who has cultivated populations of algae in hopes to create a more feasible bio-fuel for the future. (Hauser, 2013) I find this article intriguing in a couple ways, first the brilliant minds at work in science and technology, and that Intel is helping and inspiring these brilliant minds to grow build their company in an un-self-serving way.

Intel is a Corporation, which is defined as a legal structure that enables individuals to contribute and pool resources, capital, and labor in order to generate a profit. They are created by state law in the stated in which they are incorporated. Intel Corporation makes strenuous efforts to interact with their stakeholders, providing information profiles, biographies and documents on their website. Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker; the products they manufacture are computing and communication components like motherboards and wireless products. Intel strives to make the best product offering, service at your finger tips, extended service warranty, technical support, and Intel server parts on shop Intel. (Intel, 2013) Intel’s offers this globally to the B2B market and the consumer market.

Intel Corporation holds about 80% of the market for microprocessors that go into the computers components most use today. Being number one Intel has competition in the computing and technology world, for example; International Business Machines, AKA (IBM). IBM the top providers of computer products and services the company focuses on service business and is one of the biggest providers of semiconductors. IBM also serves customers globally across most industries. (CNN money, 2012) Another competitor is Advanced Micro Devices inc. (AMD). AMD is ranked number two in PC and server microprocessors, although Intel takes the world of processor market AMD gets most its sales internationally, china accounting for over half making it one of Intel’s biggest competitors. Intel’s motivates their employees by offering, Flexible Work Options; this gives employees flexibility in their schedules with telecommuting, part time, and job share opportunities to fit the needs in their personal lives. Family Focus offer childcare, and eldercare. Personal and professional development, Intel wants its employees to grow and helps with offering seminars tuition reimbursement, clubs, and career training courses. Last but not least their excellent coverage and preventive care, Health and Wellness Program to be proactive.

The benefits and motivational factors may be one of the reasons Intel’s turnover rate is low. Intel saw 3% or less of their employees leave voluntarily during a 12-month period when surveyed. (CNN money, 2012) Intel corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) last price today is 23.96 on May 02, 2013. The highest was May 02, 2012 at a price of 29.18 and its lowest was November 20, 2012 at stock price of 19.36 (CNN money, 2012). Stock price has fluctuated at Intel over the past year but today is on its way back up. When buying shares of stock a decision is based on how well corporation and their profits are doing. In 2012, economic conditions were low, the increase in the job market means an increase in housing, and buying when people are buying like they are today in 2013 one is more likely to take a risk in corporate profits buying in stock (LIM, 2012) Ten years from now Intel will still be going strong. According to Gordon E Moore, Intel’s Co-founder a visionary wrote a paper in 1965 the paper notes in observation that the number of components in integrated circuits had doubled every year over and would continue. (AKA, Moore’s Law).

According to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors the trend is expected to continue with a bit of slowing at the end of 2013. Intel is a large corporation that is growing every day, creating employee partnership, giving not only to the community, but to communities around the world, and making a huge difference. Intel Values their employees, the quality of the products they develop, and their customers.

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