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Integrity in Toby Groves and Chesapeake Cases

Categories: Integrity

Integrity means being truthful and having strong moral values. Using integrity in the workplace allows for businesses to develop trust and establish credibility internally and externally. In doing so, cohesiveness and teamwork is easier to come by and thus the value of integrity often leads to success. This has been addressed in the course specifically through the Toby Groves and Chesapeake cases. The Toby Grove case shows how good people are still subject to making wrong decisions at any given time.

Toby was always pictured as a man with high integrity by his peers and even made a promise to his Dad that regarded keeping integrity instilled in him. However, he still made a bad decision that went against this principle because the company and employee’s well-being outweighed his integrity. To Toby, he felt this decision was necessary and this masked his perception of the actions he began to take. Then, the Chesapeake case reflects how treating people with respect and responding to issues ethically can not only lessen problems but provide businesses with higher rates of success as well.

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