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Interests, issues, and psychological distance in integrative negotiation Essay

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Integrative negotiation


            Giacomantonio, De Dreu, & Mannetti, (2010) argues that integrative negotiation is likely to reduce occurrence of future conflicts, result in acceptable agreements, and maintain the feelings of self-efficacy. The study used experimental design to evaluate the process and importance of integrative negotiations in conflict resolution. The evaluation was done based on the underlying interests (primary focus) and underlying issues (secondary focus). Primary focus was said to be the main considerations in integrative negations. Many negotiations fail to address the underlying interests and concentrate on issues and thus they end not getting a long-term solution.

The authors argue that low psychological distance play an important part in constructive integrative negotiation as opposed to long distance.

            According to the study, integrative approach ensures that the warring parties are involved in negotiations and they achieve aspirations rather than fifty-fifty compromise. Many research carried out on integrative negotiations reveals that they end result is a win-win situation without compromising on any issue or need.

In addition, the design of integrative negotiation involves considerations of the underlying issues in order to address the conflict effectively. The integration allow cooperation during conflict resolution process and ensure that no issues that are left unattended. Since all the issues are addressed during the initial conflict resolution, the probability of future conflicts is reduced significantly.

            According to the study, debriefing of the negotiators prior to the negotiation process helps the development of integrative negotiation. The process is enhanced from the fact that the negotiators familiarise with the situations and understand the priorities and preferences of their subjects. According to the authors, integrative negotiations are effective when negotiations involve on conflicting group members. When negotiation includes out-group people, there is high likely hood of disruptive and hurting negotiations rather than cooperative solution, which is the major factor in integrative negotiations.


Giacomantonio, M., De Dreu, C. W., & Mannetti, L. (2010). Now you see it, now you don’t: interests, issues, and psychological distance in integrative negotiation. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, 98(5), 761-774


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