Integration Discussions to Include in Learning Portfolio Essay

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Integration Discussions to Include in Learning Portfolio

The term communication was derived from the Latin ‘communis’ meaning “to share” that is, sharing of concepts and ideas, feelings and emotion. In a literal sense however, communication means to inform to tell, to show, or to spread information (Singh, Amrik, Yadav, & Seema 2003, p. 1). Communication is vital to any organization as it constitute the life of the entire organization while culture is the essence of an organization. When the management becomes concern on results and outcomes rather than on the techniques and processes, the management becomes concern only on employees’ productivity but not with their welfare.

Business organization should be people oriented and its written communication or its policies must be clearly and rightly enforce and should not hinder employees from enhancing their full productivity potential. Maydan (2003) pointed out that organizations, as entities, “are also embedded in cultures, and organizing is a communication process” (p. 1). In a sense, organizational culture and policies it self are both part of communication. Thus, poor policies and policies that are poorly enforced both affects the organizational performance as well as the organizational life of business organization.

It means that the employees’ effectiveness is affected by poor implementation of policies such as limiting employee’s communication with other employees in other departments and also employees’ access to management because it effectively isolate them from people they perceive as source of moral strength and information. It also effectively weakens their productivity. It is widely accepted that team work provides a better working relationship in any business organization. Here the degree to which work activities are organized around teams rather than individuals enhances the employees’ effectiveness and productivity.

This is clearly illustrated in the game of basketball. Teams that play as a team have higher chances of winning. Team work also creates fun as working together for a common cause “creates group spirit, lightens up the atmosphere, and reduces tensions and conflicts (Dinsmore & Cabanis-Brewin, 2006). Team work is an example of effective communication. How the problem of communication could be avoided There are perhaps a number ways to avoid the problem of communication. Management should allow employees some freedom to communicate freely with other employees on matters relating to their jobs.

Having a delivery person to convey messages to other department in the same business organization delays important communications that are may be vital for the company’s growth. Business companies should be people oriented than profit oriented by focusing more on their employees welfare. It is true that even losers can turn into winners when they properly motivated. Employees gain more confidence and satisfaction through increased self-esteem and pride in their organization. In this way, employees can enjoy their work and they will become more productive in return.

Aside from allowing employees some freedom to communicate, the management should also encourage its employees to innovate and take risk rather control them forced them to do more work. Gryskiewicz (1993) aptly stated that risk taking does not mean “taking a blind chance” rather it is a decision to implement “a well-reasoned idea where benefits would far outweigh the loss, should that occur” (p. 119). The problem of communication can be avoided if the management would be more people oriented. That is, if the management allows their employees to make some mistakes but at low cost, and to let them try their ideas.

Attention to detail and aggressiveness When companies pay attention to details and become more demanding to their employees to come up with better results, the more pressures they imposed on their employees to exhibit precision, analytical skills, and attention to details. However, this is counter productive because this does not encourage employees to be innovative or risk takers. The company should not create an organizational climate of fear rather; it should strive to create a climate of trust.

That means, allowing employees to even commit mistakes and to let them acknowledge such mistakes. Paying attention to details however is not bad; indeed it is important that company management should pay attention to details though this does not guarantee success. Details of transactions, of goals and objectives, and of business strategy to be implemented are important for the management to aware of. But when it comes to committing mistakes and risk taking, the management should display trust and confidence in their employees.

Aggressiveness on the other hand is an important character of any employee. People who are aggressive are competitive and achieved more. It is far desirable than easy going attitude. Being aggressive is a positive quality as it will get one ahead of others who are not aggressive. Going back to a game of basketball, a team who is more aggressive is likely to win the game. But aggressiveness is not always viewed as positive and beneficial quality. Many people tend to view aggressiveness as the tendency to actively oppose someone else’s position or viewpoint.

But viewed in the context of competitiveness, aggressiveness is positive quality that can help employees achieved more. Reference Dinsmore, P. C. & Cabanis-Brewin, J. (2006) The AMA Handbook of Project Management USA: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn Gryskiewicz, S. S. (1993) Discovering Creativity USA: Center for Creative Leadership Maydan, A. (2003) Understanding Organizations Through Culture and Structure USA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Sing, Amrik, Yadav & Seema (2003) Business Communication India: Anmol Publication PVT. LTD

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