Integration and Reflection Essay

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Integration and Reflection

Taking up this course, Health System Administration, had contributed a lot of knowledge and information to me as a student who belongs to the health care team. At first, I found the course boring and unattractive since it involves various issues and history of troublesome health care delivery system of our country. However, after I have progressed from one module to another module, it started to drag my curiosity and intense attention on the topics being mentioned.

It started to make me aware of the facts and rationales as to why the country is losing its grip on the economic value of the health care facilities. It started to make me understand that by gaining knowledge and by being aware, ways and means could be identified in order to start a change within myself. I was deeply grateful that I was able to take this course because of the knowledge it instilled in me. It widened my scope of understanding of the various issues, especially with the health care facilities, which are occurring all throughout the country.

Exposure to the realities of each American’s life suffering from the flaws and inconsistencies of insurance systems was further magnified in my mind. This knowledge made me think critically on the solutions that the health care delivery system might need in order to somehow improve its quality of providing care. In addition, my skills and abilities to think for possible ways to improve health care delivery system, like the 10 rules identified by IOM (2001), were also enhanced throughout the course.

As I was studying this course, I was able to grasp the fact that in order to further understand what is happening in the health care delivery system of the country, I need to check first on the various leadership styles, organizational structures and various types of care that are being utilized by each health care facility. After I did the various modules and learned from it, I realized that I still need a lot of improvements on various parts of the lecture.

Working on the forces that greatly impact the healthcare delivery (like the stakeholders and changing demographics) was identified to be one of the critical topics that were not fully understood. I think I could have performed better on it if I was able to do some more researches and actual interviews among the stakeholders that could have been involved in collaborating with health care facilities and hospitals.

Another topic which I think confused me was the different types of leadership styles and qualities that were utilized for the success of healthcare organization. It is known for a fact that through great leadership, progress is surely next to it. However, I find it difficult to identify what particular leadership style can be utilized in order to bring progress and to bring equality to all patients and suppliers of the health care delivery system.

A suggestion that I can think of to make this subject clear on my mind is by having personal activities which could greatly involve leadership styles and qualities. The leadership quality within each person must be enhanced and progressed to bring about positive impacts on the health care system of the country. As I go through the lecture notes and modules that I have, I was able to conceptualize various ways that could measure the future effects of the knowledge I learned from this lecture.

I was able to identify that with proper information dissemination and proper adherence to the health knowledge being described, the health care economy can surely experience a decrease in the costs that hospitals and insurance systems are being charged of. Also, preventive health education will be further explored and implemented among patients, giving greater importance than acute health care because of the long term benefits that preventive measures of avoiding diseases will offer.

In summary, I can say that with the help of this module I was able to reflect and integrate the course concepts identified. Also, I was able to explore the impact that stakeholders and changing demographics have provided the healthcare delivery. In addition, I was able to understand the significance and the contributions that the 21st century healthcare organization has on the health care system. Various leadership qualities and trends in health care were further explored. Also, the impacts of patient safety and financial crises on hospitals was then identified and defined.

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