Integrated Resort Essay

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Integrated Resort

Resort is basically a place where people use for vacation, relaxation, or recreation. Since its purpose is to make people enjoying their time so most of the resort is built near scenery area, seaside, mountain, ski, or natural resources that has beautiful setting. Back in the days resorts used to only for people to get away from their hectic day and take a break to enjoy the nature or themselves. There were not many facilities that the resorts have to offer to their guests. Now days resorts has changed it concept becoming more attractive by combining recreational and business facilities so even a businessman can enjoy a resort now. By combining all those facilities in a resort we can call it as the Mixed Use Development.

According to Grant Ian Thrall mixed use development is a any urban, suburban or village development, or even a single building, that blends a combination of residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses As in a resort, mixed use development can be described on how they use the land or space that they have for all kinds of facilities inside, such as theme park, F&B outlets, shops, spas, sports, scenery, theatre, cruises, etc. Not to forget, these day we also been introduced of a new term which is called Integrated Resorts. Most of the resorts in the world have become an Integrated Resorts. The terms Integrated Resorts (IR) mean that there is a casino and meeting facilities (MICE) inside a resort.

A casino alone is believed to bring a lot more revenue for the IR itself compare with any other facilities. The concept of an Integrated Resort is a mega complex of luxury hotel, branded shops, fancy restaurants, convention centre, gaming centre, spectacular shows, fun attractions all in one single destination. The plan of it would be a place where visitors can find anything they need in one single place, and even though it has a casino and it brings more on revenue but it is not the main part of the resort it is only a part of the facilities that the resort has beside any other facilities.

Motivation of Having Integrated Resort in Singapore

In Singapore, there are two of Integrated Resort that is Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa. The first resort in Singapore is Resort World Sentosa and located on Singapore’s holiday island of Sentosa. The second resort is Marina Bay Sands. Singapore’s first motivation of having an Integrated Resort is to attract more visitors to their country, bring a lot more revenue in form of taxes for the economic benefits and also create more on job opportunities for the Singaporean as well (Garrett, 2004; Walker & Jackson, 2007). In order to compete with other country (as Singapore does not have much to offer), Singapore needed new attractions to create tourism stimulants (Lim, 2005) and casino – based resorts or the Integrated Resorts was one such product, which was also part of the overall strategy to promote business in Singapore (Lee, 2005).

The Economy Motivation For Integrated Resorts in Singapore

Casino is believed to bring a lot of revenue to the host country, beside that it would also boost the tourism and increase job opportunities (Eadington, 1999).

Impact on The Economy After Integrated Resorts in Singapore

It seems that Integrated Resort also attract a lot of business investments, a lot of foreign investors came to Singapore and start their business here. And Marina Bay Sands is hiring 4,500 people on the casino side alone; they are aiming to hire 10,000 more people to work on the other zones as well (Channel News Asia, 2009). On 2010 Marina Bay Sands casino has seen 500,000 visitors each month. On the average, the integrated resort expects to attract 70,000 visitors a day and 18 million visitors a year (The Star, 2010). By having so many visitors in only per day, casino really helps to bring a lot of revenue on taxes not only for the government but also the resort as well.

The Social Motivation For Integrated Resorts in Singapore

By having so many jobs to be filled definitely Singapore needs people from overseas as well. Even though right know Singapore is already multiracial but by having this situation it sure will make Singapore even more multiracial and diverse. Impact on The Society After Integrated Resorts in Singapore At the Resort World Sentosa they are hiring a lot of people there are people from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, Philippine. There are Indian, Malay, Caucasian, Chinese and wide variety of races. The diversity that it brings can make Singapore as one of the preferred country that people would come as in for work, study or vacation. They would know how to deal with different kind of people and culture. It makes a lot of people feel welcome and enjoy being in Singapore. The Environment Motivation For Integrated Resorts in Singapore Integrated Resorts would make the environment around Singapore to become more beautiful and to help the environment around the area.

It wills then also having an impact on the society on how they keep the environment safe and clean. The Impact on Environment After Integrated Resorts in Singapore By having two Integrated Resorts in Singapore and a lot of tourist visiting each day there is quite an impact in Singapore’s environment. Singapore become more crowded and by this the environment around the society household becoming more dirtier. Maybe around the Integrated Resorts itself is very neat and clean. But, as we can see around the society environment some of the tourist we find careless and do not care about the environment. We can see there are trashes being litter everywhere they like. They even can litter from the window of hotel rooms or HDB and condo. So, there is positive and negative impact on this issue.

The Legal Motivation For Integrated Resorts in Singapore

For an Integrated Resort that has a casino as one of their entertainment, a legal consideration is a must to be applied. This is to make sure that everyone that come in to the casino is already 21 years old and above. To have a law that create a responsible gaming centre by make sure that all guest that comes and play is mature enough and so will not cost any problem or damages. And also to make sure that there is no gambling problem in there own country each of the Singapore citizens has to pay to get in to the casino. The Impact of The Legal Consideration After Integrated Resorts in Singapore So as in the final result for the Singapore citizen they have to pay 100 SGD when they want to enter the casino in both Marina Bay Sands and Resort World Sentosa. With this law it can help to prevent any gambling problem in the society for the local people.

And having a security to make sure that everyone that play in the casino is already 21 years old and above so Singapore creates a responsible gaming centre. We take a look on PALMS Casino Resort as the example, located at Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. It was opened on November 15, 2001. It has used the mixed use development by having hotel, casino, recording studio, F&B, theatre, clubs and bars, pools and spa, and MICE all in one land. PALMS Casino Resort can be called an Integrated Resort because it has casino and meeting & events facilities in the resort. Casino is believed to bring a lot of revenue and that is why it is kind of important for an Integrated Resorts to have a casino in their facilities (American Gaming, 2012).

* Integrated Resort Plan
* Impacts of Integrated Resorts

The concept of an Integrated Resort is a mega complex of luxury hotel, branded shops, fancy restaurants, convention centre, gaming centre, spectacular shows, fun attractions all in one single destination. The plan of it would be a place where visitors can find anything they need in one single place, and even though it has a casino and it brings more on revenue but it is not the main part of the resort it is only a part of the facilities that the resort has beside any other facilities.

Impact of the Casino on PESTEL (American Gaming, 2012)

On Social impact casino sure has created a lot of job opportunities for the community, it needs at least over 100,00 employees in only one single casino. For the Economic impact it brings a lot of revenue not only for the resort itself but also to the Government as well, as it bringing tax for them. There is negative and positive Environment impact from the casino as people say it increases the pollution but also make the environment appearance looks good that would attract more visitors. As in Culture impact because casino will bring a lot of different people coming together there would be a diverse culture in that society.

* Exploring Integrated Resorts Impact on Advantages and Disadvantages
* Operations Management
* Marketing Strategy
* Security Management
* Technology

The purpose of the Operations Management is obviously to make money, to bring a lot of revenue for the Integrated Resort and provide entertainment for the visitors. All the staffs over there have to work very accuracy in speed, which is doing things fast, right and on time. Nature of the work between hotel and gaming centre is very different, on the gaming floor is more stressful, have to be faster and accurate. For example, the croupier must calculate very fast, they must give the chips accurately and because it is so stressful so the staff must come on time to change the shift. To attract guest to come and play on the casino, the gaming centre should also provide a good service, thrills and enjoyment.

For example at PALMS casino they have a professional good looking croupier to attract guest to come and play at their table, and they also look very confident is what they are doing (know what they do) so the guest would also trust them and play enjoyable for a long time. Looking for the right person to do the job is string along the Human Resource Operations, they have to employing and deploying the right persons for the right jobs, training and developing potential talents, giving recognition and rewards to the staff and of course retaining loyal staff members. Not long time ago PALMS casino fired their host casino because she allegedly stole confidential information and suing her.

But not only all about good looking staff but also the promotions that they do to attract guest to play. For example the PALMS casino do some kind of promotions by having a Club PALMS that has an exclusive rewards program that can be redeemed among their outstanding outlets such as Spa, Theatre, Nightclub and Dining.

According to Michael Baker marketing strategy is a process that can allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the goals of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage (Baker). So marketing strategy is something that will be used to attract visitors. We can take a look on PALMS marketing strategy. It seems that PALMS target market is more for the young people or celebrities in America. By having the world’s first Playboy Tower over there and a lot of nightclubs, they even have Barbie theme Suite it is very suitable for the young people, they also promoting by using social media such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and even having a blog about the resort. They know that social media is very popular among people these days and they certainly use it to promote and advertise the resort. It is easier and faster way to do everyone can access it everywhere and can cut the cost or even free to advertise. And not only that PALMS resort also always has an international stars to appear in their resort. On the gambling side the resort has this promotion where guest can become a club members where as they will be given a lot of exclusive rewards. Security Management on PALMS resort

Technology on the casino

* Designs of The Resorts
All the resorts have their own design and theme, sometimes it will also depend on they location. Take a look again on PALMS Casino Resort as the example,

The building has a very minimalist design and very modern look; this might be to get the trendy feeling from their target market as they try to attract young people.

The New Deluxe Double at the PALMS Tower also having a modern concept accented with horizontal lines, warm wood tones and vibrant velvet.  On the bar side PALMS resort has Ghostbar that has some innovative décor so it will create exclusive ambiance and it is offering 360 – degree view of the glittering Las Vegas strip and glass insets in the floors provides a captivating view below.

* Understanding Retail Operations

Shopping is an activity in which a customer browses the available goods or services presented by one or more retailers with the intent to purchase a suitable selection of them.  Some of the reasons tourists buy is that they can find that one particular thing in any other place (the uniqueness or signature that related with the place), there is a historical story on that thing, the visual appealing that attract them to buy it and there is a need of it as well.

Now a days shopping become more on the experience, an activity to spend time on weekend or when people have nothing to do. It is more on the browsing activity that make shopping more interesting.

There are also a lot of retail designs and themes, beside the brand shop itself this would help to attract visitors to actually come visit and take a look what is inside the store.  At the PALMS Casino resort they have a retail store called PALMS Shop at PALMS. It has top designer brands for men and women such as Joe’s Jeans, Twisted Heart, L.A.M.B, Steve Madden, Guess, True Religion, Frankie B, Hello Kitty and Quiksilver. Not only all those branded shops but they also have all the traveling needs, magazines and books, snacks, souvenirs and gifts, baby clothes, flip flops & shoes and accessories as well.

The purpose of the retail store itself is to provide the activity for everyone to enjoy and to get the luxury feeling by having the entire luxurious brand in one single place.

* Spa Orientation

Spa is a treatment either is for health or beauty. Spa is always using natural ingredients and located near natural resources. Back then spa only offers a hot spring bath for health and skin beauty. Now days there are so many spa treatment mixed with the culture of each ingredients and technique that people using. There are Thai spa, Chinese spa, Balinese spa, Indian spa, Western spa and many more. With the growing of technology as well, many spa treatments using a new technology such as for facial and body massage. There is also a new spa trend where customer can only call for spa and they will come to the customer house to do a spa treatment. In PALMS casino resort they are having Drift Spa, it is a modern spa treatment inspired by tradition on Turkish custom. Drift Spa also the first one that having Hammam in Las Vegas. The hammam is a one-of-a-kind sanctuary where tension, stress and discomfort evaporate and are replaced by utter relaxation and an extraordinary sense of renewal.


So an Integrated Resort is a place where it uses Mixed Use Development to provide all in one entertainment for everyone to enjoy. By having a casino as one of their entertainment centre it seems that it brings a lot more revenue for the resort and the host country as well in form of taxes. There are a lot of impacts that Integrated Resort have in economic, social, environmental, and legal. Each of the impacts has their positive and negative side. To keep the development of this Integrated Resort they also have to always re – inventing themselves in order to keep the guest coming back again to the resort, enjoying all the facilities and will not feel bored with what the resort will offer each time.


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