Integrated Conservation Development Projects Essay

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Integrated Conservation Development Projects

Integrated Conservation Development Projects (ICDP) look into how the socio-economic goals of a people may be achieved without compromising the ecological balance of the environment. At the same time, ICDP, more importantly, is directed at using socio-economic investments to keep the biodiversity intact despite the influx of human activities. ICDPs require an assessment of the dynamics of the project area so as to be able to determine the appropriate approach and the needed intervention, and monitoring and evaluation in the target community.

The following are experiences of the implementation of some ICDPs: English Title: Conservation and development projects in the Brazilian Amazon: lessons from the community initiative program in Rondonia. Personal Authors: Browder, J. O. Author Affiliation: Department of Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA. Document Title: Environmental Management, 2002 (Vol. 29) (No. 6) 750-762 Publisher: Springer-Verlag NewYork Inc.

Abstract: This ICDP takes on community-based conservation and development as a foundation of sustainable economic development. Although there is a growing debate on the effectiveness and replicability of ICDPs, the central elements of the concept of integrated conservation and development are examined through a description of the Community Initiative Program (CIP), a pilot program of the Rondonia Natural Resources Management project in the western Brazilian Amazon state of Rondonia.

The CIP apply the principles of ICDP to the regional scale in different communities at the same time. Conservation impacts of the program and lessons learned are presented here. Author: Asian Development Bank Year: 1998 Paper Title: Central Sulawesi Integrated Area Development and Conservation Project Abstract: This ICDP focuses on Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi Integrated Development Conservation Project. The goals of the Project are poverty reduction and sustainable development achieved through acceleration and sustained growth of the agricultural sector.

It also has a policy component that aims to develop a policy framework and institutional reform measures to increase agricultural productivity. The expected outputs and outcomes of the Project are hoped to bring about socio-economic as well as environmental benefits. The benefits shall have a positive impact on both the poor and the indigenous cultural communities in the area. Author: The World Bank Documents & Reports Year: 2007 Paper Title: Request for the secretary of state’s approval to designate Bolong Fenyo as Gunjar community wildlife reserve

Journal Title: Gambia – Integrated Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Management Project Volume: 2 of 2 Abstract: Gambia’s critical ecological areas may be protected with The Integrated Coastal and Marine Biodiversity (ICAM) project. A number of expected project impacts and mitigation measures may regulate activities through the establishment of resource utilization zones within the core park area and buffer zones but these are aimed to obtain positive effects and impact both in the short-term and in the long run.

A new set of rules will also have to be drafted by the DPWM and the communities so that permitted activities especially in the reserve area such as fishing and oystering may be agreed upon. Other alternative options are being explored in view of the limitations presented.


Cab Abstracts. (2007). Conservation and development projects in the Brazilian Amazon: lessons from the community initiative program in Rondonia. Retrieved October 8, 2007, from Cab Abstracts Web site:

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