Insurance Building Essay

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Insurance Building

Up-to- date there are about two hundred skyscrapers in the world. Skyscrapers emerged from cities and are associated with high pride of nations in which they are built. The history of skyscrapers date back to around 600BC during Babylonian’s civilization where they used simple materials such a slime, bricks and stones for Tower of Babel construction. This era of masonry predominated for a long period until 19th Century when introduction of steel work crept in. This paved way for erection of relatively taller buildings as opposed to the use of masonry construction which could not achieve very tall buildings.

New innovations and structural system technological advancements such as use of composite concrete, lightweight material use and framed tubular systems presented the quest for putting up super tall skyscrapers by nations such as Taipei 101 building we see today. Starting with the City Hall of Philadelphia which was the tallest masonry building at height of 167M through steel- framed ten stories building like Your Home Insurance Building to Taipei 101 Building which has a height of half a kilometer with 101 stories is a concrete testimony of how skyscrapers have evolved.

What will we say then of Burj Dubai and other future skyscrapers?


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