Instruction and Assessment Essay

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Instruction and Assessment

It is the role of every educator to provide the needs of students in achieving the needed skills and competency to develop and grow. With this facet, there is a need towards the creation of better initiatives and programs aimed towards creating better avenues for each one. For educators they must possess the necessary expertise in bridging the curriculum and assessment. By doing these, each one explore numerous possibilities available inside the classroom. Looking at it, there is a direct relationship between instruction and assessment.

Each one complements the other as it strives for one objective; enhancing student capabilities. One important aspect of learning involves creating the appropriate goals and needs by students at a particular subject (Miller, 2006). This in turn creates the proper foundation in creating the lesson plan that can cater both the requirements of the school and the challenges brought about by diversity. On the other hand, teachers must also synchronize both formal and informal assessments to suit the needs of students.

The data included must be in line with the format of the curriculum given. In addition, there can be an effort to constantly communicate with colleagues for suggestions and feedbacks concerning the issue (Miller, 2006). There are numerous ways in which student learning can be assessed. The paper-and-pencil tests are used as an instrument to determine the capability of students in retention and acquiring or information taught in the classroom (Banicky, 2000).

Performance assessments are another type wherein it seeks to showcase the overall knowledge learned during a period of time (Banicky, 2000). Portfolio’s, likewise is a tool used to collate “a student’s work that displays the individual efforts, progress and achievements” (Banicky, 2000, II-5). In the end, by properly correlating and bridging the components of learning and assessment, it can create better outcomes not only for students but for educators as well.

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