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Institution of Family Declining or Not

Do you agree with the other social scientists who think that the institution of Family is declining? Why or why not?

No, because social scientists are dealing with the human society and not their own family. Family is out of their range that cannot be done by their own decision. But for some how they interfere, and they can’t be stop so they are having some arguments that they can only handle. Some of them are telling that they are using them as a research purposes and no foul activities were involved.

Having your own family in the line of their research can be risky as well. Because you are putting your information to the public and having them expose to the other members of the society. They can be saying that all their information is safe but for sure not all of them are doing their commitment and having you and your family exposed your information. Other social scientists can also help them by providing the data that they gather on what they have done in a family that they choose.

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Some of them are declining the offer but they don’t know the benefits of it.

Social Scientists can also think that doing their job is the one who can help them carry to success and no failure in their research purposes.

If education helps us to correct false beliefs and end ignorance, what do you think should we do on our culture specific views on health that are not scientifically proven

If I were asked about that specific question I will answer that it will gain benefits and will help us to boost our confidence in our life.

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Education means to help gather more information that a human being is need to do so. For culture specific we can do Is not to believe on what other people saying to you because I will not help I to improve yourself and gain some confidence. Health is your top priority in your life so don’t be affected when some people that in their culture they do that thing etc.

Culture specific views tells that you need to follow that certain believe to be part of it. You need to also adopt in their current environment so that people will look same as the others who do that method or believe. As we all know that having a different culture that you know and adopting others that they do is hard to do because you and your soul will take some adjustments that is not fitted to.

But you don’t have a choice but to do so, it can also affect your mental health because you are dealing with the same scenario that you don’t want to do it and absorb it.

Why do you think separation of powers is important, such as the separation of the church and the state, and the separation of the three branches of our government?

The Separation of powers are important because if they have only one power to follow other people will make a rally because they are against on it. Next their belief it will also affect on them because it will surly break some rules that they set it already. Next the government if they only have a one power to do they will over use it and give the citizen a deficient performance in their service.

Church also has their own belief to follow so if some ones against on it for sure there will be a rally from their belief vs their own myths, so I recommend having separate powers on each both sides. People also will have their own takedown movement to own their rules if that scenario happened already.

Our state need to have a leader to follow. Perhaps if we don’t have a person to lead they will also abuse the powers given to them. Rules are being broken as always because they don’t care anymore because there is no guiding them in what path they will follow.

Democracy will lead to them and even the officials will also back out because of that. There will be a shortage on some resources that they need in everyday living, killings will be every were. Robbery will be every were and innocent citizen will be harmed as well. So, powers are very important because it leads the nation in the right way and not abusing on it, the people get punished and the innocent stay alive and live with their family as well.

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