Instead of continuously making Essay

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Instead of continuously making

As a Health Educator working for an international health organization, I would conduct a need assessment process that aims to determine the problems related to how the trash is managed in the community. I would do so by visiting the factories of different industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to FMCGs, where I would analyze how the waste material is dumped or discarded by them. Secondly, I would conduct surveys through questionnaires and informal interviews with people of households and shopkeepers that would focus on how they discard the waste, why do they do so, how often, and what do they lack in effectively disposing of the waste.

After gathering enough information about this, I would ascertain the problems or unwanted outcomes that are created by improperly discarding the waste materials. For example, who are affected the most, what affects them precisely, and the extent to which they are affected negatively by improper trash management. As far as the paper products are concerned, we sloppily use them and do not utilize them to their fullest. For instance, a note book or a writing pad often goes into the trash bin with lots of unused pages.

Instead of continuously making new paper products such as, copies or tissue papers, we can recycle them and save a great amount of time and cost. Other technological devices and instruments are no exception, and can also be recycled and refurbished which results in saving time, costs, and energy – both by the producers and consumers. Now let’s talk about the ways and procedures that are used to recycle the products. The resources are very much available within the community; nevertheless, if someone is lacking then we would provide them the resources to cope with the problem.

One way of doing so is Curbside recycling, which is the process where the residents or subscribers are provided with trash cans and are asked to confirm their recyclables, sort them out separately, put them in the bin outside their home, and keep them clean. The recyclers would come, pick the trash or materials and take them away. Recycling drop-off centre is another technique where people can drop-off the used products or materials that are listed or guided to them to a certain location, point, or centre from where the material is taken away for recycling.

Yard waste recycling encourages people to bring and deposit their yard debris or green waste to the centers for the purpose of minimizing the load on landfills and providing recycled fertilizers for the use in public parks and other areas. People can find out waste or debris and can deposit or pile it up in their backyard (Selvon, 2008). And finally, ECO-CELL is another way of recycling the technological devices or instruments such as, cell phones, computers, and printers. Answer – 2

I would involve the community in the needs assessment process by creating a buzz among them about the alarming situation of waste management and its hazardous impacts over the community. I would initiate campaigns that would be designed and carried out against the improper trashing and polluting the environment; moreover, those campaigns would create awareness among the people about how they are affected, what is the better way of trashing, and how they can be benefitted from that.

People would be asked to search and tell us about the problems they and other people face in the community, and what has worsened than before. Several gifts and prize money would be given as an incentive to the people to come and participate in the need assessment program and overcome the issue of improper trash management. References Selvon. M. (2008). Recycling Yard Waste is a Great Composting Solution. Retrieved on July 28, 2010. From http://ezinearticles. com/? Recycling-Yard-Waste-is-a-Great-Composting-Solution&id=1150298

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