Inspirational Speech Essay

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Inspirational Speech

Good afternoon everyone. Today I am here with you, giving an inspirational speech to help you overcome life’s challenges and I wish that this speech of mine is worthy of your time. One day, when I was lying on my bed, some questions about life comes to my mind like, “What is the purpose of life? ”, “Why we are here in this world? ”, and ‘’Why do certain things happen? ’’. I had always kept these questions to myself but eventually pushed them away on my mind because I can’t find any answer and it’s just making me in doubt of everything.

After thinking of those questions, I reminisce the times of my life that I experience trials and hardships. Those are the times that I almost given up and I feel like that I can’t bear those problems anymore but I said to myself not to surrender because God will not give us burden that we cannot bear. If you have a problem, don’t say, “God, I have a big problem”, but instead say this out loud whole-heartedly…“Hey problem, I have a great god! ’’ and surely it will lessen the heavy feeling in your heart and it will inspire you to fight those problems.

The challenges and difficulties that come into our life will makes us closer to God, makes us stronger and a better person that we should be. Most of the time, we only remember God when we have problems and forget him when we are happy and sometimes or maybe often, we blame him and ask, “Why me, Lord? ”, “Why you are doing this to me? ”,”Did I do something wrong? ” We always say that but have we ever question him why we are happy and receiving those many blessing.

Have you ever asked “Why you are giving these blessings to me, Lord? Did I do something right? ” and said “thank you lord? ’. Never, right? Think of this my friend and realize that some things will not be as we want it to be. We should also learn from our mistakes and we should our limitations. If we did not learn from those mistakes, then, there’s no sense in making them. Life has its ups and downs, just always remember that everything happens for a reason. After the hardships we’ve been through, blessings and graces wait. God doesn’t tell us how he’s working out his plans, but in his time and his way, he’ll clearly let us know he’s working out his best for us because He loves us so much.

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