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It’s a very baffling thing that as humanity and technology has progressed, the rate at which the different diseases have emerged and multiplied has been almost directly proportional. If we look back at the last few generations we find that the diseases that were prevalent then were very different from ours. There was no such thing as the bird flu or the swine flu back then, it was just normal everyday flu which people would get and then recover from in a bit. But today the type of diseases that can be found are numerous with many direct and indirect costs (which are both financial and non financial) linked to them.

The Costs The costs that one faces are numerous and it’s not just the person who is afflicted with the illness but all the people around them and the society suffer to some degree or another. The costs are both financial and nonfinancial. The costs of the treatment, the testing, the commuting from the house to the hospital or to wherever the testing and examinations might have to take place, the medication all fall under the heading of direct financial costs related to the disease.

The non direct financial costs that are related are time spent away from work, the number of sick leaves one can avail and most of these are without pays. The non direct financial costs also put a strain on the workplace as deadlines are not met and other workers have to try and meet the demands of the employers, creating stress for them which could lead to them falling ill or having high blood pressure or asthma attacks. Ill-Health Costs Introduction, 2005). Other costs that a person faces are the non financial ones where the inflicted person and family and friends go through much agony, trauma and pain hoping for the ordeal to end soon. The more life threatening or severe a disease the more people are worried, they stop taking care of their health, and are constantly worried and hoping things will improve which they may very easily not.

Testing and preventing It is therefore advisable that a person has regular checkups with a doctor especially when they know there is a family history of some ailment or another within the close family (Early Disease Detection , 2008). This saves one from much pain and trauma later also preparing one mentally for what may come. The biggest advantage is that it reduces financial costs to a minimum preventing the major costs that arise when a disease is diagnosed at a later stage, when it might be even more difficult to beat it at its own game making the person terminally ill.

Conclusion The lives of everyone in this world are interconnected and dependent on each other in some way or another. It is therefore important that to go on living healthily we take preventive measures to ensure that we lead a healthy life in a healthy environment. If the machine remains well oiled, it will function properly, if not, it’ll creak and squeak and make the functioning of the rest irregular.

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